Sunday, July 27, 2008

Intro to our apartment in Kowloon

Picture of Signal Hill Park in Hong Kong (very green...very rare) and the harbour from our living room window

Hello from your Heroine Regina, your Hero Pommes and your trusty scribe, Chris.

Today is Tuesday and we are now moved into our new apartment in
Hong Kong. (!)

We live in The Pinnacle in Tsim Sha Shui, here in Hong Kong.

There is no phone yet, and I have still to sort out a mobile phone number, so that is yet to come.

Oh, and it just started POURING.  I can no longer see across the harbour, It is raining cats, dogs and cicadas here.  But when it is not pouring we have sea views of North Point, the Peak  (watch the short video!), and Central Plaza tower.

We see a big leafy park beside us though all the birds have taken refuge somewhere presumably because of the storm (see picture at top of post).  

We have survived one typhoon already, and I think we will have great storm views from this new apartment.  It will be as good as storm-watching in Tofino (Canada).

I would describe our apartment as pretty phenomenal, which, of course, is why my kidney is still on auction. :)  I will be going to the clubhouse shortly to swim and work out so that I can drive a better price for that remaining kidney...

Before we moved in Ana phoned us (tall, blonde, smile with legs resident in
Geneva) at the serviced apartment we used to be in and I told Ana that thenew  apartment was 100 square metres (1076 square feet).  Ana, I lied.  

The new home grew in my head; it is only 90+ square metres (976 square feet).

The house is currently a bit empty, (read, Regina, Pommes, a cat litter box, and your scribe).  

However, as everyone knows, this will be only a temporary aberration.  

We moved from the serviced apartment to here, but we are still waiting a couple of weeks for our belongings to wend their way across the ocean to HK and to us. I suspect that our possession will completely absorb all available space in this apartment and maybe push us into the hallway.

(Oh, aside, a big freighter is passing by, two Chinese junks, and it looks like the Star Ferry, but I still cannot see the buildings on the other side of the harbour due to the rain.)  

I should note however, that the coolest buildings (HSBC, Bank of China, et al) are obscured by the "SinoPec" sign on the Sheraton hotel and our inadequate height (our floor location, not my glorious 5 feet seven and a half inches).

Now that we have a place, its time to start meeting people. 

I am also going to attempt to attach the web camera that Chiemi gave us to the computer and try to make the whole skype thing work.
So, once I dig out the headset that Troy gave us, I will be on the road to skyping you people.  

Sujeet and Scottie, I know that both of you are snickering at the reality that I have still haven't skyped yet, likely others are too, but all in good time. 

When you name your blog after a 5000 year old script, you are allowed a slightly longer time horizon to do things like start skyping.  Besides, I wanted the bugs to be worked out.

Anyway, that is all for now, and I will send another post out shortly to one and all.

Stay well, be good, and plan your trips to visit.  We love guests and we miss our friends.

P.S. The
Cathay Pacific/Credit Suisse Hong Kong Sevens are March 27 - 29, 2009 (Friday to Sunday) and I plan on buying tickets soon... Only 40,000 seats in the stadium and I expect a full house for this event...  Fab? Jean? Scottie? Annabel?  Who else?


Chris, Regina, and Pommes