Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Feather Boa; Nokia Geopolitical Chaos; video phone

Henri Toulouse Lautrec, 'Woman with a black feather boa'

Hello Gentle Reader, 

Easy with the typing today, our heads are pounding here in HK…

Regs and I painted the town red the other night, finding and dancing up a storm in all the best, and the sleaziest too (although that is a separate category, for us at least), nightclubs in Central and in Wan Chai, here in Hong Kong. 

Oh, and goodness gracious me, we found the greatest bar ever.  It's called the Feather Boa. 

They have gold lamé sheeting on the ceiling, densely packed reproductions of old masters, usually with female themes, and great drinks.  

There is no name on the outside of the building and no number either.  

This is a locals only place.  

If you don't know where it is, too bad.  You have to be hip to enter. 

But, let me get back to the drinks.  These were the greatest drinks ever concocted.

The Gun Lake Mojito is a fine, fine drink, but the Feather Boa (the name for the unnamed club) serves drinks in which the martini glasses are entirely coated, on the outside, with chocolate powder.

I was in heaven.

Strangely, nobody else was licking the outsides of their glasses, but these were truly fantastic drinks.  

The contents of the glasses were pretty good too.  Mango Margarita with chocolate frosting... I mean how more right can you get in this world?

These, my friends, are very fine drinks.

If you visit, and are hip enough, I just might take you out on the town... Andrew and Jennifer in Vancouver, I thought that you guys had to come visit just because of the fantastic door handles and modern Gothic decor in the lobby of our apartment, but Andrew, you need to try these drinks. 

Oh, and Cirque du Soleil's new show over in Macau costs about 20% of the price of our tickets in Las Vegas.

Two weekends ago we headed off to that iniquitous gambling den, Macau, to have Macau egg tarts and explore the city with two new friends, Astrid and Fabio, that we met last week.  

Astrid introduced us to the Feather Boa which I discussed in the previous paragraph, so you know that these are fine and upstanding people.

As per the gambling, well, the last time that I took Regina gambling I discovered her interesting plan for making wads of cash. 

You know how when you enter a casino you are supposed to decide how much money you are willing to lose in one pocket, and then put your winnings in another pocket, never to be touched until the end of evening?  

Well, that is the rational approach to doing things.   Therefore, it is also obviously not what my wife does.  

Regina likes to "reinvest" the other pocket.... enough said.  

Suffice to say the Sugar Daddy Chris had to cut somebody off... somebody who wanted more money to "invest".  

Remembering that Regina used to be a banker, I understand the whole subprime debacle, and how we entered it, so much better...

Hmmm, we are keenly exploring the Dim Sum of Hong Kong.  I picked up a book of Dim Sum recipes that I dearly want to try out.  

Will someone please explain to Regina that pork is actually a vegetable? 

Oh, and for those who are asking, I am shedding the international man of leisure persona.  I have already had my first interview.

So things are moving and grooving in Hong Kong.

Oh, and speaking of grooving, or at least groovy, I have a cell phone.  A NEW cell phone, not a hand-me-down from friends exasperated with my inability or unwillingness (definitely unwillingness) to accommodate technology into my life.  So I have a phone. 

I have a Nokia phone, to be precise, which I bought because I am pretty sure that I promised Tero (from Nokia aka Finland SA) that I would buy Nokia when I finally succumbed and bought a new phone.  

But, Tero, you need to come here to show me how to use the darn thing--especially the GPS functions.  

Also, I believe that I may have launched those missiles in Iran last month.  

Sorry everyone, but lets blame Nokia for really crap user manuals combined with super powerful phones.  

I was thinking of calculating how many more times powerful my Nokia handset is compared to, say ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator), allegedly the first electronic computer built, specifically by Presper Eckhert and John Maunchley of the University of Pennsylvania.  

For historical accuracy I note that the "allegedly" caveat is there for the sake of the less well known Colossus machine designed by Max Newman and built by Tommy Flowers in December 1943 for Bletchley Park, the hub of British and Commonwealth cryptography and cipher-breaking, because it was kept secret as it was breaking the Enigma code.  

But then I thought that no one really likes my digressions, and this post is getting a bit long...

On Aug 11 we were to get our land line, for the third time.  

That has been postponed until today, the 13th.  

Maybe Switzerland DID deserve its rating at the most competitive country in the world a year or two ago...  

But, when we do get our phone we will have a video phone!  I think that for once in the last 10 years, besides my jeans, I am ahead of the curve.  Video phone lines babies, we are living life large here in HK.  

Eat your hearts out, Jetsons.

Family tableaux of the Jetsons, a futuristic American cartoon family firmly rooted in the fifties mores of 'Leave It To Beaver'
(Non-Americans and Non-Canadians do not seem to know of the Jetsons.) 

Of course, nobody else that I know has a video phone, but in the world of bettering the neighbours, well, I think I will have finally won.

And with that, Chris, Regs, and the ever more corpulent and unusually somnambulent Pommes bid you a fond farewell, until the next time that electronic stylus takes to electronic paper.

Cheers, adieu, zaijian, und Tschuess
Chris, Regs, and Pommes

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