Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Four entries for 3WW

Image of kids playing pool at the side of a road in Shigatse, Tibet, China as the workers come home before it gets too dark to see.Dear Gentle Reader,

I like these 3WWs. This week the words are crumple, illicit, and nerve.

This week sees four entries; one American sentence and three haikus.


In homage to Alan Ginsberg:

Here; three illicit haikus, uncrumpled, steaming fresh, hot from the nerve...

Testosterone pumping...

illicit, not right?
crumple cripple's chair tonight
bored, got nerve, let's FIGHT!

The folly of youth

Tumble, fall, crumple.
You had nerve; ran the gauntlet.
Illicit thrill... dead.

Folly with Molly...

Crumple. Flaccid lust.
...It's foolish, not nerve, to stay.
Illicit games? Done.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Could you tell me more about this 3WW's Chris - it sounds just the sort of thing I enjoy doing. Can anybody join in?

susan said...

Wicked sense of humor.

Sepiru Chris said...

Hi Weaver,

Yes, anybody can join in.

Actually, it is not a haiku thing, I just thought it was. That said, there are a number of haiku crafters that are part of it.

A gentleman named ThomG is hit by three words each week. They find him, apparently.

He pulls them out of his ear, kicking and screaming (I am not sure which, him or the words) and then he slaps them onto the 3WW website.

You visit, observe the words. Sniff them. Take them or leave them (like the loaves of bread they are apparently never reduced to nothing) and then you craft away.

(Note: I gulp, feel them with my tongue, then spit up. Eh. I have not so much time...)

Then, go back to the site and leave a link to what you wrote.

People visit each other, leave comments, and I suppose that you find the community that you enjoy inside.

ThomG (Surface Tension site) seems to specialise in flash fiction. He builds a world in fifty words. It's like he speaks Finnish, only it really is English.

Richard (The Resident Djinn’s Bundle of His(s) site) writes beautiful poetry. His poem Altar of God still has me enthralled.

Floreta (The Solitary Panda site) rocked me to silence (with a literary roundhouse and a clothes hanger) with her prose.

And there are many more...

I suspect its a self-sorting process.

I am new to it and to the people there. I'm still learning. I was convinced it was a group of haiku hermits because I misread a conversation somewhere else...



Thank you very much! Come for the haiku, stay for the prose... There is a whole other week over here...


ThomG said...

Chris, you've explained the 3WW thing very well to your friend. And I appreciate your sense of humor as well. You can do with the words what you will, there are no rules about that.

Enjoyed all your entries.

susan said...

Are you always this wired?

I bold for me, I like the obvious. If you trip in the future, I suggest you tread carefully and you should be fine.

Regarding the poetry post, call me crusty. The post was a response to a regular writing exercise called Confession Tuesday. Well, I was confessing my annoyance. If I want white noise, I could turn on the television.

anthonynorth said...

Enjoyed them - a great sense of humour here.

gautami tripathy said...

Good to see you at 3WW! You did well with all four!

illicit nerves crumple

Simply Snickers - weekly poetry prompts said...

Nice terse verse!

Lauren said...

Thanks for sharing 3WW. Very interesting.

bindu said...

Wow - how long does it take you to come up with these?! They are good!

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Amazing! I echo Bindu's question of how long they take you.

Tumblewords: said...

Great job - I'm guessing that I spent more time on one sentence than you did on your illustrious 'ku and AmSen. Good to read you.

Sepiru Chris said...

ThomG, Glad that I did, I will, and thanks.

Susan, (It was the start of the evening, for me); makes sense; doesn't sound crusty at all. I deleted the first comment in case it offended, which was not my object.

Anthony, thanks.

Gautami, Loved the middle two stanzas of yours... they'll be resting in my head a while.

Simply Snickers, cheers; I might try rhyming some time...

Lauren, cheers

Bindu, They pop out of my head, fully formed. A bit sore (hence hot from the nerve...)

Raph, Not long at all; I am sure they would be much more lovely if I spent some time.

Tumbleweed, I'm getting self conscious. I just swallow the words, feel them with my tongue and disgorge a haiku; but haikus are easy. You can drive a quick scene or a mood or an experience in 17 syllables. Its when you have more that it becomes trickier for me.


floreta said...

these are clever esp. the allen ginsburg sentence. i liked folly with molly best!

Jeeves said...

Homage to Alan Ginsberg, my favourite.

Sepiru Chris said...

Tumbleweed, The more time I think of your comment, the more I think I better put more work into my haiku! lol!


Thanks. I rather like that one, but I also like the Ginsberg homage.


And until I was on 3WW last week, I had never heard of an American sentence! Thanks. I rather like that one too.


Sepiru Chris said...


I doubt you'll be back, but the allusion to Finnish is that Finnish is an incredibly dense language.

People think that Finns are shy, they are just trying to get fifty or sixty verbs conjugated and nouns declined in one word.

Lord of the rings, all three volumes? ...1 haiku in Finnish...


Anonymous said...

loved all the haikus !!! specially the last one :)

Dominic Rivron said...

Thanks - I'd not come across either 3WW or the American Sentences site before. I'll be visiting them again.

My favourite of your three haiku was the Joycean "Folly with Molly".

Fledgling Poet said...

Oh, you are so good at these! You make it look very easy, but you pack so much into a few words. I loved all of them, but the Follies of Youth one was my absolute favorite. Thanks for sharing!

Sepiru Chris said...

Pretty Me,

I am so tremendously pleased.

Dominic Rivron,

First person to publicly comment on that aspect. I was wondering who would guess... One quark of beer for DR (its the same typo in the first edition, but only physicists seem to know that allusion...)

Fledgling Poet,

The great thing about haiku is that it is packed in. And the great thing about English is that so many allusions abound because connotation beats denotation in the meaning side everyday. Not like German, for example. At least not like the German I speak.


Sepiru Chris said...

Dear 3WW folks,

Where is the constructive criticism? I know I am not that good (although it is nice to hear positive feedback)....

ThomG? This is your gig...

Lay it on me, please, somebody...


Daily Panic said...

Welcome to 3WW!
I like how a haiku is such a small compact short story that says so much with so few words.
It is a talent, which I don't have yet.
I enjoyed reading yours!
Thanks for stopping by!

Winnie the poohi said...

loved folly with molly.. why molly though ?

Sepiru Chris said...

Daily Panic,

You are welcome, and thank you.

Winnie the Poohi,

James Joyce. Molly Bloom. Ulysses.

But I was terse, unlike Joyce. He is anti-terse.


Zouxzoux said...

All are wonderful but I luv the Allen G. one.
I luvs me a multi-faceted man. :)