Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An art surprise this morning

Image of a postmark from the USADear Gentle Reader,

As you know, the Heroine, and your humble scribe, plus a father and a family friend, all returned from an outing in Yunnan Province, China, recently.

This morning the concierge brought up a parcel which had arrived in our absence...

It was covered in cryptic markings...

Image of a monkey.

Like these..

Image of a drum, bang bang.

Image of a sitting dog and a 'walk' sign.Image of a NYC taxi cab

And then these two symbols followed...

Image of the King, Elvis

Image of a dragon

There were many more cryptic picto-images, but this one I understood...

Image of the words 'TO CHRIS' on the package
So I opened up the mysterious box...

..and it contains two paintings, obverse and reverse, on a wooden board, by Ben Marlan!

The reverse image is in the theme of a "State of Being" art show that Ben Marlan recently put on, and the obverse image, shown below, was one that Ben was working on as part of his performance art lived blog experience that he is experimenting with.

Because the board is painted on both sides, I am loathe to lie it flat to take a great picture of it, but here is one that I have taken of the obverse, or face, image.

Image of a painting by Ben Marlan
Ben, this piece looks grand.

Thank you very much.

This piece will be making a trip into China, this weekend, to be framed.

I will post post both sides when they are protected by a frame and the textured surface won't be damaged.

Thank you, Ben, and thank you, everyone for your kind comments.



Barbara Martin said...

I didn't know you were off galavanting; but, how nice for the lovely surprise upon your return. I look forward to seeing both sides.

Teresa said...

Intriguing pictures, Chris. I can't wait to see your art framed. Were you anywhere near the earthquake in Yunnan?

Cloudia said...

We should all send you gifts for returning to post!!
aloha Chris & Co.

Comfort Spiral

Raph G. Neckmann said...

What a lovely painting, Sepiru Chris! It reminds me of Friedensreich Hundertwasser a little, (one of my long-term favourite human artists).

Sorry to hear about your surgery and hope you are recuperating well. (I've not been around the blogosphere much recently so am a little out of touch).


Don't know much about art but I know that looks good.

floreta said...

what an awesome package! both in presentation and its content. that would make my week!