Tuesday, October 13, 2009

i don't think that's how it works

Image of bright red paper pinwheel flowers hung in the trees of Geneva near the site of Calvin's Academy...Dear Gentle Reader,

As you know, I am on a hiatus for another couple of weeks, but I broke down and looked at the interweb, today, briefly.

...You know know that I love food, and the slightly odd...

Here is a site that I enjoy for the creativity of its Keeper, Andrew Bell.

In response to Andrew's mental menagerie, in particular to Andrew's beastie for today, I offer words... ...a haiku look through the e-glass at this scribe's internal landscape/looking-glass:

Profuse persiflage
blooms on the mental landscape,
releases burst pods

See you soon.



Teresa said...

Glad to hear from you, Chris. I enjoyed the haiku and the pinwheel tree. I also enjoyed the pictures at the linked site. Hope you're feeling better and getting lots of cheese and chocolate!

Cloudia said...

So nice to see you posting!!
Thanks so much for the exciting postal cards. Thanks for "introducing" me to Teresa.

You have been missed, but loved all along nonetheless. Best to Pommes and of course our lovely Heroine!

Aloha, & Chocolate to you, Friend

Comfort Spiral

murat11 said...

Good morning, Chris:

I love the mirrored sounds of "profuse" and "persiflage," and the masterful rhyming of the latter with "pods." Fine fettle here.

Both Sides of Ben Marlan said...

i like that link my friend. i am cooking up an idea for an installation you might like. will write it out soon. i also like your identity picture. very real. i guess it cant get more real. unless its conceptual, or the other way around.

Richard said...

always nice when you make an appearance.

Barbara Martin said...

Hoorah, and good to see your wit again. You need to get out more.

The United Statesian said...


I hope to see you back soon! Thanks for the postcards.