Friday, July 30, 2010

What to do on a sultry day...

Line image of a Western beauty...(black hair, tanned skin, tiny eyes) entitled 'Black hair, small nose, tiny eyes... ...Who could this raven-haired beauty be?'Dear Gentle Reader,


I am trying to get back into the e-swing of things.

Baby steps.

Even shaky babies can walk.


So, how does that connect with the title image today?

It's advertising.

I'm advertising my shakiness, at least as regards to posting reliability.

And that girl is advertising her beauty.

Which you can get, too.

From a tiny little hairstylist's place of business, in a rural town--Kaifeng, China.


Shot of the whole frontage of the hairstylist's shop that the title image comes from. The characters in red read 'Ming Fa Lang' which translates, roughly, to 'Famous Hair Corridor' (Corridor as in the Long Corridor in the Summer Palace, outside of Beijing... if that makes things easier).

...Hair stylists for her...

As you can read, they offer a full wash, cut, blow dry, and the obligatory head and neck massage, all with the latest fashion styling trends.

The head and neck massage, at least twenty minutes long, is so obligatory that it's not even listed.

But, it's there or this business wouldn't be since all of their competitors offer it.

And all this for the princely sum of 13 renminbi, sometimes known as 13 yuan.

Which is approximately 1.47 euros.

Or 1.91 USD.

Or 1.98 CDN.

Or 2.03 CHF.

...You are going to the top hairstylist in town, after all...

(That's real red brick; not some cheap linoleum facade.)

...Hence the high price...

Now, I could discuss the other commercial aspects of hairdressers throughout Asia.

How barber poles with rotating spirals mark out places to lose your tension... ...after letting it build a bit first...

But, maybe I'll leave brothels for another day.

After, all would need to figure out what the going rate is these days...

That post would, however, put a whole new spin onto the idea of a barbershop quartet.

...Wicked, torrid thoughts... (obedient sin--for Murat)...


Ah... and the music for today, being a warm summer day, is...

Click to hear 'Cicadas' by the Cowboy Junkies



Teresa said...

Obedient-sin?? That just conjures images of whips and handcuffs, and probably not a good place to go.

Better change the subject...

So how much did that little beauty salon charge for doing bridal makeup? How many layers of pancake make-up do they consider standard?

I'm so glad you're back, Chris.

Tilly Bud said...

At that price I would be at the hairdressers every day.

Cloudia said...


head neck massage.....

Aloha from Waikiki

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