Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Secrets between strangers

Picture of Sujeet in France

Dear Gentle Reader,

There is something about secrets that binds us.

There is something about the act of sharing, both the telling and the listening, that brings people together.

When we backpack through Europe or elsewhere, we end up sharing stories and secrets with strangers, partially because they are strangers. 

Our stories are safe with them, because they will never see us again. Yet the act of sharing stories and secrets makes them close friends, despite the fact that they are strangers whom we have not known before and whom we may not meet again after a few days. 

The sharing transforms them, and our experience of the place becomes replete with amazingly close people whom we shared events and places and good times with.

I write this today because a stranger has been sharing his life with me, and with everyone else who reads his blog. It binds me to someone whom I really do not know. And despite not really knowing him, now I do. And I care.

And that is the power of stories. That is the power of secrets.


P.S. The story I am talking about is called Parenthood II and is written by Travis Erwin.
Click here to find it. Part I can be reached through the link I am sending you to, and part III has not been written yet.


Travis Erwin said...

Thanks for the plug, Chris.

Cloudia said...

Travis DOES rock-
as do YOU Chris, Aloha-

Glennis said...

There is something about the confideniality of total strangers that allows you to tell what you wouldn't consider doing to an aquanitance. The stranger might tell everyone they know but none of them will actually know who you, that the story is about, are at all. I like doing this, shocking someone who just passes by my life. When i have a secret that is>