Friday, November 7, 2008

Stopped motion in Bangladesh

Image of the well-worn side of a bus in BangladeshDear Gentle Reader,

So, your Heroine has returned from Bangladesh. 

In a marvel of succinctness, she offers this nine thousand word trip report. 

Annotations (put your mouse on the pictures, as always) are by your humble scribe who had to enter everything, being the scribe.

Image of a fast moving rickshaw cyclist in vehicular traffic

Three larger gentlemen sharing a rickshaw ride to save money

Image of a mini-bus with bicycle wheels beside a 'regular' bus

image of a rickshaw driver driving with his eyes closed in front of a luxury car.

image of a rickshaw passenger talking on his cellular phone

image of rickshaws at a standstill
image of auto-rickshaws at a standstillimage of buses at a standstill

All motion is stopped. 

Gridlock is now complete.

Chris, Regina, and Pommes

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