Thursday, August 27, 2009


Blurred image of an Ambassador taxi, in India, taken during a bouncy ride...Dear Gentle Reader,

It's 3WW time, again.

And I've been AWOL, or MIA, for a while.

This week (CLII) the words are fracture, noise, and vanish.

Further, each haiku gets its very own American sentence title.

8:16 am, 6/16/1945, Hiroshima.

Fractured atoms sear
shadows still. Noise vanishes.
Then the wails begin.

To Arne, my favourite CERN Doctor/Physicist/Computer Guy.

Death(f?) metal--wild noise--
rejoices, fractures fear, but...
tympani vanish.

Quand la facture arrive et je ne trouve pas ma portefeuille... Merde! Putain!

The bill comes, but, (noise!)
my wallet has vanished! (sob)
Fractured, I wash plates.



Asleep On My Feet said...

hahaha, I feel for you! i once had some "friends" run out on me at dinner, leaving me to pay a bill I couldn't possibly afford. Not a happy scene, believe me!

Andy Sewina said...

Nicely done! love the vanishing bits!

gautami tripathy said...

Liked all!

blowing over that mug of coffee

ThomG said...

Welcome back, my man. I was wondering, out loud, where you'd gone to and was just about to send you an email. Witty as always, my friend.

Sepiru Chris said...

Cheers, Asleep, Andy, Gautami and Thom

I haven't found time to visit you, and the other players, yet; things have been topsy-turvy, for me, but, I look forward to visiting others.

I really enjoy 3WW and look forward to playing, each week. I feel the loss keenly when I cannot join in the fun.

(Even if I had to stretch the meaning of fractured, this weak, to [weakly] extend it the sense of a broken man, forced to wash dishes to pay for his meal...)


Tumblewords: said...

Welcome back - again it's a pleasure to read your writes!

Teresa said...

Yay!! The Haikuist has returned! I loved the last one for its playfulness and fun, the first for its poignancy.

April Lindfors said...

Your first haiku, chillingly descriptive. I liked that third one too...light and comical.

A fracture in the time loop of our now