Thursday, August 27, 2009

Not what you want to read or hear; Who chooses which half?

Image of a man sitting outside, reading the paper, with a child peering down and over his shoulder, from a perch on a rock, taken in Pingyao, Shanxi Province, China.Dear Gentle Reader,

"Even if China lost half its population, the country would suffer no great loss. We could produce more people."

Speech given by Chairman Mao at the Moscow Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties (18 November 1957)

What would it look like if a country lost half of its population?

Who chooses which half?



Cloudia said...

The OTHER half, of course!

I blogged imaginary Venice today.
Comfort Spiral

Steve said...

That may be the most horrid thing I've ever heard (not by you, by Mao). What a tosser.

Heidelweiss said...

Oh hell. That last comment was me.

Teresa said...

You have come back with a whole bag of thought-provoking and unsettling questions. Unfortunately, in the Maoist era it was the Party elite (and not even all of them), but a lot were collateral damage of the chaos. I think in the US today, it's the corporate elite with a lot of collateral damage in the chaos, too.

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear Cloudia,

Your waterways, littoral (literal) and metaphorical, are lovely. As to be expected.

Dear Heidelweiss,

Identity theft? Poor husband. Careful, he is an attorney...

And Mao? He was a librarian... books, you gotta watch out...

Dear Teresa,

None too tough for you, though. I'll answer those two, in one way, tomorrow.

Anyway, at least I'm back, non? And not collateral damage, at least not totally, at least not yet.

As per the US, the collateral damage that I have seen has not been within much of the corporate elite, merely with the lieutenants and the elite-wannabees.

The ultra-high-end real estate in London and in Hong Kong is doing just fine, thank you very much. It is everybody else that took a bath...

Mind you, I wasn't at this year's Davos meeting, and friends said that it was fairly subdued, compared to previous years...

Let's see what next year looks like, hmmm?


Steady-as-rain said...

For Christ sakes, it's bloody obvious, isn't it? The dead chose themselves. By dying.