Tuesday, December 1, 2009

On stuffing

Close-up image of a bicycle seat, in China, seat manufactured by Suong Zong Dalian Zuo Chang.Dear Gentle Reader,

The stuffing has been knocked out of your humble scribe.

Or rearranged.

I managed to pop a few of my ribs out of their cartilaginous supports--where they meet up with the other ribs.

Being in the position to compare this with breaking your ribs I can inform you that while neither is fun, this is marginally worse.

...How interesting that I wrote about opiates last week...

I will attempt 3WW tomorrow, because it is always quick. The hairy crabs, however, will have to wait their turn. Or maybe they are waiting for me...

'Till then, here is another shot of the first image, from farther back...

Image of a bicycle seat losing its stuffing, in China, seat manufactured by Suong Zong Dalian Zuo Chang.
Click to hear 'Betty et Zorg', the introductory music from the movie '37.2° Le matin' by Gabriel Yared. This piece describes how I feel this week.
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Teresa said...

Dear Chris,

Was that bike the instrument that jiggled your rib bones and disconnected dem from your other bones? Or is that yet another item in Hong Kong with the stuffing knocked out of it?

Take care of yourself. Post-35 year old bodies are not as resilient as twenty-something bodies (and post-45 year old bodies are even worse, but I think the 35 year old drop in resilience is the hardest to adjust to because prior to that one feels pretty near indestructible.)

The hairy crabs will be there multiplying. One day their turn will come, hopefully after my exams and final papers are over so I can truly enjoy them.


jjdebenedictis said...

Eeps; that does sound painful ("wee bit of discomfort"? Didn't think so.) Get well soon! Don't let Pommes beat you up!

murat11 said...

And here I thought the topic was a belated ode to turkey stuffing.

I am sorry to hear of this latest derailment: peace and blessings to you, hermano amigo.

Cloudia said...

Take care, musing scribe!

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral