Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Does this sign work? What is it saying?

Dear Gentle Reader,

This placard is posted upon numerous walls in Cambodia today.

It is an advertisement for L&M cigarettes.

I just don't get why it is meant to work.

L&M, so hot they burn?

Burns in the hands, not in your mouth?

Singes your belly, burns off his button, if you don't smoke, you're tougher than mutton?

I just do not get how this advertisement is meant to entice me to buy a pack and smoke.

Of course, your scribe is a non-smoker anyway, but I like advertising.

Any suggestions as to why this is meant to work?

Chris, Regina, and Pommes


Cloudia said...

Cultural differences fascinate me!

Junosmom said...

Smoking doesn't make sense, so why should the ads?
It is interesting that the people look so Western. Is this their idea of what cool people look like?
I would guess that some things just don't literally translate well.

Sepiru Chris said...

Hello from Switzerland, Cloudia and Junosmom,

Generally speaking lighter is better in Asia because darker is synonymous with being outside in the sun more which is synonymous with manual labour. (Caveat being generally speaking...)

I am with you, Junosmom, but, normally, I can make some sense of smoking ads, but why her hand is charred and she has ashes wiped across her shirt is a bit odd to me...


Heidelweiss said...

Maybe "If you smoke our mad hot cigarettes, you'll dance like Elaine from Seinfeld".

Josephine Damian said...

Chick has her legs spread: my guess that's the message - smoking will get you sex.

Hey, I finished my thesis and got it approved! Yay! I'm all done with school and back to blogging (for a short time) this Saturday.

Travis Erwin said...

Apparently they make you bowlegged.

Barbara Martin said...

If you smoke the cigarettes they'll make you sexy like the couple. How hard was that?

Sepiru Chris said...

Heidelweiss: Could be, an ad about nothing... (PS the Eidelweiss here says Hello)

Josephine: Could be, not sure that is an easy vertical stance, but maybe. Congratulations on finishing your thesis. Good luck on your defence. When will that occur?

Travis: You are so obviously a Texan...

Barbara: I guess they just didn't seem that sexy to me. I mean burned hands just don't turn me on. Maybe I worry about too many details...