Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pardon me?

Sign found in Hong Kong reading 'DO NOT TOUCH OR CONTACT ANY BRIDS OR THEIR EXCRETA'Dear Gentle Reader,


There is obviously an orthographical mistake here. 

Did the sign writer mean Birds or Brits? 

For the last two weeks we have looked at viruses, and yesterday SARS was mentioned.

Birds, via SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), decimated the economy of Hong Kong in 2002. 

Brits ruled Hong Kong until 1997.

Both phenomena are not liked by many Chinese in Hong Kong...

But, looking at the sign, which group are we not to contact or touch, for the first part of the sign to have meaning? Birds or Brits?

As to the second part, why would this be necessary?

Chris, Regina, and Pommes


Junosmom said...

I would say it means both, thereby killing two birds with one stone. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Barbara Martin said...

I laughed when I read the sign because it reminded me of something I said to a Brit when I worked in London.

I was telling a co-worker that I bred birds and he said, "So do I."

Junosmom is probably dead on with hers.

Heidelweiss said...

Well, obviously it means both. How does one "contact" a bird? Is poop something people in Asia generally like to touch? I thought not. Honestly, why are they bothering to warn against such things? ;).

Glennis said...

I know I don't think like everyone else, I read the word in question as 'Brides' which is equally stupid!
Very funny sign.

Sepiru Chris said...

Junosmom, Resistance is futile, the good will out...

Barbara, I am laughing, just phoned the Heroine, and she is laughing too...

Heidelweiss, Maybe you contact a bird through a medium. Avian ouija birds, I mean brids, I mean boards?

I never even thought of Brides. How clever!


Elizabeth said...

I too thought brides at first viewing.


Sepiru Chris said...


You too thought brides? Curious.

Come visit and you can see it in situ. I think I remember where it is...

We all miss you heaps.