Monday, December 8, 2008

My Town Monday for December 8, 2008

...I'm in Cambodia with no camera to computer connection!

Hello Gentle Reader,

Sepiru Chris is checking in from Phnom Penh today.

The ever effervescent
Junosmom and I are hosting Travis Erwin's My Town Monday series for the month that he is taking off.

My post is found here.

The important ones are found here...

Junosmom takes us to Christmas past & present in Kentucky

Debra's skilled hands deliver cups of kindness

Cloudia takes us on a comfort spiral to a beachfront ossuary

Barbara serves up literary Tapas on Vienna's Lipizzaners

I will add to MTM's as I find them to this posting at slightly longer gaps than Travis does, this week, due to being in Cambodia.

Also, MTM folks, though I have read your posts, I will comment later because I am having a nightmare time with my connections. Sorry... so my comments will come in a few days when I return to Hong Kong.

Sepiru Chris


Barbara Martin said...

Received your message loud and clear, Chris.

Sepiru Chris said...

Cheers Barbara