Thursday, January 22, 2009

(!) Award? (!!)

Premio Dardos Award image. Image believed to be in the public domain. Origin unknown.Dear Gentle Reader,

(It is quick and concise, unlike me. Be sure to click through to the amazon link too, it is worth it...)

So go, quickly, because it is fun, but then (please) return, because...

I was blindsided by the very lovely Barbara Martin.

She recently received an award, the Premio Dardos award, and then nominated others. Even yours humbly. (!)

Premio Dardos, Barbara tells us, is for the appreciation of merits—culturally, literary and individually—of every blogger who expresses him/herself on his/her blog.

The rules for acceptance?

1. be tickled pink ;)
2. copy and paste the award picture to your blog;
3. write down the regulations;
4. link the blog who bestowed you the Award;
5. and finally nominate 15 blogs for the Award.

It has become Barbara's norm not to pass the awards on to others as there have been comments that the awards are like chain mail letters. 

Instead of the 15 nominees, Barbara has chosen 11 nominees and these may choose whether or not to nominate others for the award.

(Your humble scribe is tickled pink and will support Barbara in this. Further, he will support Barbara to the extent of reproducing Barbara's list for further mention as he has now visited all of these sites. Especially number two. That site he visits a lot.)

Barbara Martin's list of 11 posts:

Textilosophy Oz – Pam works with a variety of textiles to come up with interesting products and food for thought in all manner of topics.

-Cuneiform Scratchings – Sepiru Chris, with wit and charm, (Barbara is so observant...) provides thorough historical background of places he visits.

Visual Norway – RuneE takes magnificent photos of Norway.

Reader Wil – Wil posts photos and articles about the Netherlands and trips she takes to exotic locations.

Walk The Wilderness – Thomas visits the various wildlife sanctuaries in India to photograph the birds and animals found there. He has a beautiful set of a Bengal Tiger, one of my favourites of the big cats.

Transient Lives – Bindu goes on travels to a variety of locations, and upon returning writes beautiful posts about her adventures.

Full Throttle and F**k It – Steve Malley has a unique way at looking at writerly things.

Barrie Summy who writes middle school and YA mystery books. Also, she provides interesting places and items for her My Town Monday posts.

Merisi’s Vienna for Beginners. Merisi posts whatever catches her fancy in and around Vienna for her blog, where she produces a visual treat for any visitor.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog. Gary teaches pottery at Cornell University and makes a variety of delightful mugs, plates, cream and sugars with innovative accessories. He has a great sense of humour in posting about his family of pets and lovely wife.

Raph's Ramblings. Raph Neckmann has imagined a wonderful world of giraffes which delighted me the first visit.

May you all enjoy your well-deserved awards, and thank you very much, Barbara.

Barbara, I do enjoy my award. Thank you very much.

And thank you Pam, RuneE, Wil, Thomas, Bindu, Steve, Barrie, Merisi, Gary, and Raph for your most interesting contributions to the web. It is the givers like you who provide benefits to the rest of us. Kudos to all of you. (And Barbara too, and Barbara too as Jacob Two-two would say (He is another good Canadian, the [fictional] child of Mordecai Richler [Jacob Jacob en français].)



Cloudia said...

Well deserved. Great choice, Barbara! aloha Chris (you award winning blogger!)

Barbara Martin said...

Playing it safe, just like a lawyer. Now you are in the company of bloggers. Too funny! I haven't heard about 'Jacob Too Too' for ages: that's a phrase for tired ears.

Heidelweiss said...

Congratulations on your award. I am very hungry from your last post. Very. I am so glad to hear that Our Heroine is an Anglophile. What a wonderful thing to be. ;)

Sepiru Chris said...


Thank you very much.


I could just be deliberating slowly... And it was a foregone conclusion that you would recall all of Mordechai Richler's offerings.


Thank you. Consider further research on the joys of being an anglophile...

Tschüss (does that show up with the umlaut on your browser screen or should I go back to Tschuess?)


RuneE said...

You couldn't do better!! :-)

Lauren said...

Very well deserved! Your interesting view point and topics are a delight to read.

bindu said...

Chris - that was such a neat idea - moving Barbara's choices along. I should've checked your blog first, and then copied the idea. ;) Thanks for mentioning my blog here.

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Chris - I've been thoroughly enjoying my ruminations on your archives! I'm so glad Barbara nominated you for the Award - I will be a regular gleeful visitor.

The Comment you left has kept me chuckling all day!

(Umlaut here is visible on my screen)


Sepiru Chris said...

Dear RuneE,

As a southern cousin of yours once said...


Talking of successful rackets
modesty deserves mention.
Exclamation marks in brackets
never fail to draw attention.

(Notice how my name, and that wonderful praise, just happened to appear on my own post... By accident?...)


Dear Lauren,

You flatterer you. Verbal dancer of the seven veils and a creator of a 1001 dinners. I will be cheering on your efforts for that piano. (I still wish we had shipped the piano to Hong Kong, with cushions on the top it could have doubled as a chaise lounge for people with no vertigo issues.

Thank you.

Dear Bindu,

Well, Bindu, I read all the other honoured blogs, decided that I agreed with Barbara, and thought, why not do more than follow and try to help them along. And you are ever so welcome (and deserving too!)

I note, however, that on this page I have noted that, essentially, I copied the full citation from Barbara. This does not, of course, preclude me from actually issuing my own Premio Dardos award at a later date, say, next Thursday, a week after I have received my award.

I checked the award carefully; there is no requirement for contemporaneous fulfillment of the terms of the the award... watch this space in just over six days...

Dear Raph,

Your posts' pulchritude, rambunctious rambling, and star-gazing serenity have had me chuckling, too. So say I, and aye, I will be visiting too.

Tschüss (all),

Merisi said...

congratulation on the award and thank you for your generosity!
I am humbled that you reproduced Barbara's list, including also my blog.
I have thought long and hard how to handle awards and at the end, I decided not to participate for various reasons. What weighed most on my decision was the fact that I cannot handle both publishing a daily post and taking part in the awards rituals.
Best wishes from V.,

Junosmom said...


Pica Miel said...

Dear friends of the beautiful blogs of Coneiform scratching: these days I had vacations and works in diverse sides, which prevented me from being in my blogs. When I saw this avisito of you, the heart I make myself happy muchisimo, not for the possibility of a prize, but because I see, that we can the human beings be still, joined even in spite of the differences of languages, distances of countries, with the simple sensibility of the fondness that the hearts offer. And these small samples of attention already it is a prize in the life, giant!!!.
I leave all my fondness them as(like) always. Wishing all the better(best).
Thanks Chris and Barbara and freinds of the bloggers.