Thursday, January 29, 2009

Strike of the meme

'Modern Sarcophagus' by the author, Sepiru Chris of, Mixed media (rubber, pigment, paint, dragonfly, concrete) in a shadowbox. The visible camera is simply an artifact of the photographing process.
Dear Gentle Reader,

Good morning, a bit late.

Sorry, your humble scribe is very ill today and just managed to claw his way out of bed. 

He is returning forthwith (to bed).

The exceptionally talented Candace of EyeCandy tagged me here...

She shared six unusual things about herself, linked back to the person who tagged her, and tagged six others...

I propose to share six things about myself and tag you all (my virus makes me cocky).

Six things about Sepiru Chris, not found in the archives:

(1) I possess a super power... 

...I am keenly observant. 

I note that university students are getting younger every year, and faster, too, when they get onto a rugby or (field) hockey pitch. 

Also, girls in discos seem to be getting younger and more impervious to the effects of dancing through the night than seems reasonable. Thank goodness I am already married.

Finally, years take less time to blow through than they used to. 

The reasons for these anomalies are shrouded in mystery, but their reality has been keenly observed by your humble scribe through his observational super power. 

Ta dah. Super power, off.

(2) No one really knows where my off button is, your Heroine or myself included. 

Point me to the cliff and I climb up or jump off to the river or ocean below. 

Put me on a trail and I hike. 

Put me in a kayak and I paddle. 

A friend and I (about 20 years ago) would flip coins onto aerial maps of the Canadian wilderness and try to get 60 to 80 km from point A to point B, regardless of intervening cliffs, mountains, lakes, swamps, rivers, waterfalls, and animal hazards. (By foot, obviously. True Canadian wilderness is truly inaccessible to vehicles.)

Only sometimes were we successful, and never in the designated distance limits; big detours were always required.

(3) Despite point two, your Heroine considers me to be a worrier who considers (and works to avoid) the risks of things in (too) extensive detail. 

Why is this unusual? I once packed a hypothermia tent for a day hike in Hong Kong, in the summer, just in case... 

I consider this worrying a byproduct of a professional legal training followed by running a legal practice because lawyers are fixated with risk. 

Court-room lawyers look for risks to exploit for their clients. Deal-making lawyers look for risk and give their clients a cost-benefit analysis of mitigating those risks. Your humble scribe, far more than a scrivener, has been both.

(4) I set up my first business venture when I was 12 (an animal collection, distribution, marketing, and sales regime). 

The same year I also set up an exceptionally lucrative literary rental scheme renting excerpts of books to my peers at recess--I discovered how well sex sells. (Scribe's note, I only sold the literary form.)

I learned about intellectual property much later in life as a litigator. 

(Retroactive apologies now tendered to Ken Follett, Eric van Lustbader, Robert Ludlum, et al. Again, I note that I was merely two thirds of 18.)

(5) I love food. 

All food. 

(Well, only good food--excellent ingredients and exceptional preparation techniques, be it rustic or fancy in style.) 

I am willing to eat everything, and have never met a food, fitting the prior constraints, that I did not like (although, admittedly, the spiders' soft, bulbous bodies, as opposed to their crispy legs, found here were a bit bitter...). 

Except marmalade (orange marmalade). 

For some reason I cannot abide (orange) marmalade. 

(I put orange in brackets because the Germans translate all jams and jam variants as being marmalade, and I very much enjoy compotes, confitures, jams and jellys made from fruits other than oranges, even ones made from non-fruits like wine, tea, garlic, or red pepper jelly...)

(6) I am fearful of: 

(a) making bread (it never goes right); 

(b) being attacked by large spiders (large enough that, when you swing a broom at them they blithely grab the broom and swing it back. Have you seen how fast spiders move and how much ground they can cover? Imagine a spider the size of a corgi... and whimper in terror...); and, finally, 

(c) concerted efforts by poisonous snakes to end my life. 

There. Six things, possibly unusual, about Sepiru Chris.

Anyone who would like to post six interesting things about yourself, do so. It would be fun to know more. Link back if you so desire.

I think you are all interesting, and I suspect that you are all far more interesting than I am.

As an aside, I am working on an internet start-up, so I will likely be dropping back on my postings rate because I have become a bit too enamoured of the instant gratification of the web and am neglecting tasks that cannot be neglected.



Your humble scribe likes creating using various media. At the top is one of my pieces. Hover over it, with your mouse (as always with pictures) for details. This was so that I can show to the crafty and artistic denizens of Blogovia that I fit into their niche, too. Sort of. Maybe. If I dream...


Candace said...

This was great, Chris. I do love the dragonfly! Do you know that story about the dragonfly where -- upon becoming a dragonfly -- he cannot go back to his lesser brethren and tell them "it's okay," as they are still under water and therefore they can no longer communicate? I think it's used as a metaphor for death --

The spider-eating post is indeed one of my favourites. Say, you _are_ a member of Blogovia, buddy! As are the lovely wife and Wonder Cat Pommes, too.
Take care.

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Like you, I am having to spend a little less time blogging - I've got Giraffe World Tours to run! Blogging is so pleasant and addictive, isn't it?!

Interesting that you have seemingly contradictory attributes of being daring and risk averse. Your super power of being keenly observant will no doubt be useful here. In fact, you're exhibiting the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur!!

Get well soon.

bindu said...

Your writing is so funny! I totally agree with your #1. The rest of the details are very interesting too, and had me smiling through the post. The dragonfly creation is very nice! Hope you feel better.

Anonymous said...

I guess that's how you know your addicted, when not even illness can keep you away from posting (twice).. ;)

Love the dragonfly! I'd say you're a very good artist :)