Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brush please

Hello Gentle Reader,

With gaps like that, I hope this guy in Venice flosses.

He certainly rinses (or he was rinsed) because December 2008 saw floodwater levels, in Venice, up to his forehead. 

December saw the highest floodwater level in Venice in decades.

Some Dutch guy was kiteboarding in the Piazza San Marco, which had 1.89 metres of water. At over six feet two inches deep, the water in the Square was taller than your scribe.

People expressed concern over the flooding in Venice before your humble scribe and Heroine even arrived there.

No worries.

The flooding was fine.

Despite those yellow stains on that guy's teeth (top picture) I hear it was hygenic. (If it was past his eyes, it was past your eyes...)

But, this guy obviously never brushed (and the water stayed longest at the lowest levels).

If Venice cannot figure out how to alleviate flooding, or halt the sinking of Venice, at least they could brush...

Lesson? I don't know about flosssing, but brush after rinsing, which is not quite what you were taught as a tot.



Venice was bone dry for the first six days of our visit (unless you leapt into the lagoon, which no one did). On New Year's eve, just before midnight, it started to snow. That meant that New Year's day morning was slushy, but that was almost gone by the end of Jan 1, and by Jan 2 Venice was dry.

Venice drains well, when the water level is low. The flip side is that she fills well when the water level is high. 

We were lucky and dry.

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Heidelweiss said...

Yes, please brush. Also, get braces. Those gaps are unsightly! I'm laughing about the camera fiasco from your last post. You see, Steve tried to pull one over on me when he destroyed one of our cameras years ago. He took it horse back riding and when he came back "it just didn't work". I figured, "oh well, I guess the ride was just a bit rough". I found out later that it was because it was in a backpack with a bottle of Gotorade that opened and the camera went for a little swim. Hmmm.