Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3WW (CXXX) entries

Image of young Buddhist monks walking to school at the start of the day in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.Dear Gentle Reader,

Hello again from Hong Kong.

It's another week, and time for another 3WW.

This week the words are earnest, layer, and reactive.

Tschuess, Chris


layers of sweet cake,
earnestly offered to all;
reactive results


for equi-layer.
reactive against class, state.
earnest fomenter.


Layers of meaning...
Is he Earnest? Is he so?
Reactive Marquess...


earnest (s)layers
of feudal classes crusade
reactive arms clash

and lastly, a naisaiku
(make up your own rhythm, you rhythmaster you)

bass layers laid down
earnest samples loop (repeat)
reactive culture
reactive culture
earnest samples loop (repeat)
bass layers laid down


I know there are more than a few Indian national wordsmiths who play 3WW.

I may well be in India in a week's time.


Likely in Mumbai (Bombay), Pune (Poona), Nagpur, and maybe New Delhi and Agra.

Does anybody want to meet up in Mumbai or Pune or Delhi or Agra? Otherwise I will just be roaming the streets, looking for interesting slices of life, and observing how my favourite sub-continent has changed in the last decade.


SweetTalkingGuy.. said...

I love the thought of 'Layers of sweet cake' you do so much with these little words and you've really got me bending over backwards with the Petri Dish Hip Hop! Phew!!

Fledgling Poet said...

All of them were very rich with imagery...loved them!

sudharm baxi said...

that was truly a smart usage..
good imagination.

ThomG said...

Another rousing contribution. Thanks for reaching out, too, to other writers with your sharp, accurate observations.

Amarettogirl said...

ooh such a delectable array of 3ww words - I feel like I'm at an all you can eat buffet - but everything is intriguing - LOVE it! Wish so much I could be in India in a weeks time - I would have met you! Instead I'll be back at work in Jersey (bah humbug:() Well good luck and thank you for sharing!

Richard said...

When you're in Delhi, check out the bookstore Fact & Fiction located app. kitty-corner from the Priya Cinema in Vasant Vihar. And, if the rotisserie chicken place is open down the side lane - enjoy! I can't recall the name, but the lane runs down the right side of the cinema (facing the front.) Arabian Chicken, or some such. Ah, Delhi. If you've never been, you're in for a real treat. Also recommend Karim's in Neezamudin (or the orginial near Chadni Chowk. there' also a fab place called The Bistro in Haus Khaz - ask to be seated on the upper patio. And for tourist sites, I think Humayan's Tomb is just splendid Damn, I'm envious. Delhi, Rome, London, NY, not necessarily in that order.

Heidelweiss said...

Ned, er Chris (you say "a friend", I don't know), why are you lucky enough to be going to India? I insist upon knowing what it is you do. I also insist that Steve start practicing your kind of law. I have seen a petri dish hip hop. Rather scary. Those germs have got some MOVES.

Tumblewords: said...

A particularly powerful punch of poems. Delightfully done.

Linda Jacobs said...

Love the Petri Dish hip hop! Very creative!

pjd said...

Love the naisaiku best. The titles really make the content sing.

Cloudia said...

I like that, Scribe.

Miss Kitty has missed your (Pommes') comments.

Enjoy India, but try to swing by da beach once in a while two, cousin ;-) Aloha

Anonymous said...

i really enjoy reading your 3WW enteries !! n wish u wud be visiting Bangalore when in India :)

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear STG

Dishy little numbers, no? I thought you might enjoy the hip hop dish! I was fairly sure of that... and I am pleased that you did. Cheers.

Dear Fledgling Poet

Thank you ever so much!

Dear sudharm baxi


Dear ThomG

Thanks. I had a side task I gave myself of allusions to personages, this week. Although the feudal classes could be estates...

Dear Amarettogirl,

Meet me halfway, dear... Curry for dinner, amaretto for dessert...

Dear Richard,

It has just turned out that I will not be making landfall in Delhi this trip. I have spent far more time in the South, but now I will schedule a trip to Delhi to check out your suggestions. Thank you so much for them, Richard.

Dear Heidelweiss,

Ned is not me, I swear. But, for you and for Debra I will share a real snake story for this morning...

This trip? This trip is not for work, it is for a friend's wedding. But, you folks come and visit and we discuss travel-friendly forms of law.

Dear Tumblewords,

Thank you ever so much!

Dear Linda Jacobs,

Say it with rhythm!

Dear PJD,

I am with you, PJD. The others are a bit too workmanlike; but I set myself an allusion task this week as a side gig to play with.

Dear Cloudia,

Things are crazy busy right now...

Dear Prettyme,

Maybe a couple of times from now; I love the South and used to spend a fair bit of time in Madras, just as they changed it to Chennai...


Anonymous said...

the Ian Parker quote you asked about is frim a recent New Yorker article he did about the Icleland econ melt down...Aloha, Cloudia

Sepiru Chris said...

Aha! Thanks, Cloudia!

Angel said...

I like the second one best this time.

gautami tripathy said...

Enjoyable reads!

A Climb Through Altered Landscapes

susan said...

I thought I commented already. Sorry about that. The petri dish is funny.

Come by. I hope you won't be drinking tea or anything though. lol

spacedlaw said...

I like the idea of the petri dish hip hop.

Beloved Dreamer said...

How clever you are. I just loved all of the poems. Great stuff.....


Sepiru Chris said...

Dear Angel,

Cool, thanks for stopping by. I have a murderous schedule until mid-May, then will resume visiting...

Dear Gautami Tripathy,


Dear Susan,

So glad that you liked it, if it made the dreads' bob, then I would be thrilled.

Dear Spacedlaw,

Cool spacelaw, if the punkfire didn't burn it away, then I'm happy. And yes, I love Stephen Fry too, and that zoo short is divine.

Dear Beloved Dreamer,

You know just the right things to say. How write you are.