Friday, March 6, 2009

Nice knockers in Venice

Writing on the wall in Venice.Dear Gentle Reader,

By now, it is obvious to everyone. Even to me.

I am infatuated with the Serenissima.

I believe I have mentioned her qualities, before.

Have I shown you her attributes? Have I shown you her curves?

Here they are...

Image of two knockers in Venice.
The girl might be getting old, but she still has a handle on everything.

Door handle in Venice.
Curves you can get lost in.

Tiny waterway in VeniceGondoliers on the Grand Canal in Venice.
It is enough to raise a young robot's eye, and make the brash ones whistle...

House buzzer in Venice that looks like the face of a robotHouse buzzer in Venice that looks like the face of a robot

And she certainly knows how to dress up her frame, to make it look its best:

Gothic meets Venetian Renaissance in Ca D'oro, Venice.

Some say she is fading fast...

Venice in the morning fog from the Grand Canal
I say she will be missed...

Venetian tower in the mist.
Her beauty is almost ethereal, though grounded in the worldy,

Image of the spires and peculiar crosses of St. Mark's Basilica in Saint Mark's Square, Venice.
And is enough to make even St. Mark's lion growl with appreciation.

St. Mark's Lion, the symbol of Venice after 882, standing on its pedestal at the entrance to the Piazza San Marco, beside the Venetian Lagoon.



Megha said...

WOW! Beautiful city! Would like to visit it one day!

Cloudia said...

This is a glorious post!!!!!!

Thank you for taking me to the Venice I have long dreamt of -but may never get to see in the flesh.

Yours is one of the best blogs - sorry no kitchy badge - but I tip my hat to you and your team (Pommes, Heroine) with warm Aloha-

Barbara Martin said...

Though I have been once to Venice in 1970, I have the desire to return to look at the buildings and canals one last time; and feast in the exquisite restaurants.

Lauren said...

I have always wanted to visit Venice. Beautiful pictures. I especially love the one of the curvy canal.