Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Image of a deity, and burnt incense, at a small, curbside shrine in Hong Kong.Dear Gentle Reader,

It's 3WW time, again.

Although I pulled the plug on blogging, for two months, just a few hours ago, I may stay current with 3WW, just because it usually makes me quite happy.

3WW I do just for me.

Current circumstances mean that not only will I not be posting much, besides 3WW, but, I know I will not be reading anything on the web until the end of October.

So, I apologize to all the fantastic 3WW (and other) posters--I will come visiting again in October when I can.

In the meantime, I consider this brain food, and my brain could use some, right about now.

This week (CXLIII) the words are glare, lustre, and threat.

Further, as usual, each haiku gets its very own American sentence title.

The roll call parade ground where boys, trained to kill, are sent to meet the same...

Men, mustered, blustered;
fear shone through their glaring eyes.
War's lustre dimmed fast.

Strutting onstage too old, too big, too out-of-rhythm; pole dancer fears...

The crowd glared, threatened
to boo, throw booze--the lustre
of young flesh had worn

She'd read too much Tolkien, that free spirit did not want the ring's burden...

His purchase... a threat,
that lustrous gold... servitude,
She glared, said no, left.



ThomG said...

Well-done as always. And it makes me happy that 3WW makes you happy. Write when you can, read when you can. See you on the flip-side.

gautami tripathy said...

I am amazed how you do it. I loved all!

it was not a dream, certainly not a memory

Americanising Desi said...


lovely writing and makes me wanna read u more!

The Glare of Threat

Teresa said...

Great poems, Chris. I'm glad you're doing haiku for you and that we'll at least be able to read your wit.


maglomaniac said...

What we have here is wonderful.
This is the 1st time I am visiting you and I am yet to know why you stopped blogging.
But,Chris whenevr I have a 1000 things going through my head,am happy ,am sad am anything blogging just tranquils me.It is THE PEACE for me.
and yes 3ww makes all of us extremely happy.


Cloudia said...

A post! Though we understand that you are needed elsewhere just now, and will patiently wait till you return.

Shi Shi for the cool postcard and the warm encouragement! Really appreciated.

Miss Kitty is very pleased with her post card as well (or even more!)

Thanks for being a true friend, and for sharing your interesting ideas with us all, Scribe!


Comfort Spiral

Jeeves said...

Enjoyed all

Sweetest in the Gale said...

These were wonderful! Each one a whole different take on the words. Thanks for sharing them.

Andy Sewina said...

Thumbs up^ This makes me happy too!

Nicely done, as ever!

Asleep On My Feet said...

Nom nom nom... writing 3ww makes me happy... reading 3ww makes me happy... nom nom...

pjd said...

Great entries all three. I especially love the third, likening the proposer to Sauron. And the second, which is fun but also telling of human nature in oh so many ways.

Tumblewords: said...

Nice work - the third one resonated strongly with me! Glad to hear you've not completely unblogged.