Monday, September 7, 2009

With love, Pommes

Image of your Hero, Pommes.Dear Gentle Reader,

That silly humble scribe is off again.

What a whinger.

And, it looks like I will be looking after him while the Heroine is off at work.

That means no photos of me popping up, this time.

But, I figured I could leave you with a capacious shot of yours truly, to tuck into the cockles of your hearts and warm your dreams while you sleep.

Image of your Hero, Pommes, in his voluminous glory, stretched out on the carpet.


Teresa said...

Dearest Pommes,

How wonderful to see your inky blackness! Do take extra good care of the scribe. We want him back in good form in October. He promised us!!!

Hope your day is filled with salmon and other delicacies!


Cloudia said...

Oh Pommes!
Thank you for the wonderful post card. where do I present it to get the two fish?
Cloudia "thanked" your Scribe friend on a blog (dork!) but I wanted to let you knw how much I enjoy looking at it as I wait for treats. Cloudia says to take good care of her friend "Chris" whoever THAT is (aren;t they strange?)
Love you me sleek hero!


Comfort Spiral

Cloudia said...

Oh yeah - ignore the (shockingly out of date) picture of cloudia - the previous comment was from I, Miss Kitty!
(yes, Pommes, this one too)
Meow! Shi Shi

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Hello Pommes

You are looking most elegant and dashing.

Take good care of your scribe and send him our regards from Necky Knoll House.

simmers said...


practically speaking, when would be a good time to visit in the next few months? said...

What´s happening with the information of my blogs? Feel free to delete them if not please you.
Thank you!

debra said...

Pommes is indeed a handsome fellow. Our felines, Dylan and Cloudy would approve. Sophie, however, would hiss and do a Halloween kitty imitation. She doesn't like anyone...

Glennis said...

Well thanks Pomme, the cockles are nicely warmed, you just keep busy looking after everybody.

Richard said...

Pommes, you're looking positively decadent! Please thank the Scribe for his wonderful postcards.

Barbara Martin said...


I hope the Scribe gives you delectable catnip once in awhile. Take care of him.

The United Statesian said...

We miss you already Pommes!

OK...We miss the other two as well.

Candace said...

My Dear Pommes, I have put a link to you up on my own little blog along with Kitty Boy because after all, WE know as do you who the boss really is.
Take care of Mr. Chris and all other Art Shenanigans -- drawn, written or whatever have you.

Please tell Chris his own Athenian postcards are on the way... drat, will he get them?! Well, do what you can!
Thank you so very much, Kind Sir.

Candace in Athens.

floreta said...

very cute! :) seems like a cool cat

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear All,

Chris is nearby, but I can sneak onto the computer, swiftly.



Sorry, some of my claws became stuck.

Thank you all for your thoughts, and links, and props.

Egads, he's coming back....