Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The interior world; the value of perspective

MRI Image of the author's head, from an extreme angle, making the brain look tiny. MRI Image No. 1 of 5 (of this published series) of the author's head.Dear Gentle Reader,

Who is this tiny brained man?

Certainly not the author?

No? Yes?

Say it ain't so...

Perspective is revealing for all of us, and not just the rein and rudder of painting, as Leonardo da Vinci, said.

(OK. Leonardo actually said "La prospettiva è la briglia e timone della pittura.")

(OK. Because when Leonardo wrote he used mirror writing [upside down and backwards], the actual quote looked even more different. Still...)

(...There is no need for my little-brained pedantry to continue, is there? As you can see from the introductory picture, your scribe is obviously small brained and focuses on the minutiae, the minutiae still being within his scope of thought...)

The slice of life that that you reveal to others, or yourself, shapes others' and your own perception of yourself.

Below, a visual representation of this idea as a magnetic resonance imaging machine slices my brain through various angles.

I'll only show four more images.

I promise.

(I have scads of these (hours of being a subject), but more would be too much, I fear.)

Self-Image No. 2 of 5

MRI Image No. 2 of 5 (of this published series) of the author's head.
Note the bigger brain, but smooth interior. ...Please let that be corpus callosum...

Nice sclery eyes, too.

Self-Image No. 3 of 5

MRI Image No. 3 of 5 (of this published series) of the author's head.
Pinocchio with a rear entry wound from a stray nail and Geppetto's mallet, perhaps?

Self-Image No. 4 of 5

MRI Image No. 4 of 5 (of this published series) of the author's head.

Ah. The blind man.

Finally, a great big convoluted brain, but no eyes to gaze on the outside world.

Telling, no?

Self-Image No. 5 of 5
(The most dignified of the series, no?)

MRI Image No. 5 of 5 (of this published series) of the author's head.

Finally, muscle tone both inside the skull, and resting upon it.

...Big hind brain, too... ...Obviously a man...

Bear in mind that all these shots are just a few millimetres from each other, and the last image is only a few degrees of perspective away from Mr. Little Brain of the opening image.

Perspective; not just a vanishing point, even if the media treats it that way.



Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing the interior workings of the Haikuist, scribe, or just plain Chris. Hope the brain is in great working order and that all those slices said "no illness" when the doctor's looked at them.

The perspective certainly does change the way one sees things, doesn't it?

Cloudia said...

misS KiTty wuz heeeeeeer!
Hi, Pommes!!!