Friday, October 3, 2008

Prayers for no rain; the Finnish threat and Lordi

Image of burning incense in an incense burner at a shrineHello Gentle Reader,

So a guest is flying in today, braving the risks of transport in a motorized cigar tube with wings.  

Our guest is Finnish, and therefore it is most important that he be well looked after. 

...and this particular Finn's parents tried to have reindeers finish him off while he was still in the créche... he is especially vulnerable.

So, imagine my chagrin when I look out the window and note that weather conditions are worsening. Rain is falling, cloud levels are dropping, and there is a yet another typhoon hanging out near Hong Kong.

The other day we even went to a temple where incense was lit, as seen in the photo at the top, which I would have thought was good enough to guarantee sunshine and happiness.  Apparently not.

But if the rain does not abate, then there will be no views owing to the wonderful refractive qualities of water, and the sheer volumes of the lovely stuff that can fall here in Hong Kong.

Our Finn might have a view like this blue little fishy has,

Picture of a blue fish in plastic bag looking a bit forlorn

which is to say next to no view at all.

Deprived of appropriate stimulation, our Finn might revert to familiar Finnish forms and norms...
An image of the Finnish Supermodel team Lordi... this image taken from a 'Balkan Rock' forum found at

(I still cannot believe that Lordi won 2006's  Eurovision song competition.) 

Aside: Finnish culture is amazing.  

You should try their mousesqueak cheese (aka Juustoleipa, which, I believe, is the last sound a mouse makes when it dies, according to Finnish folklore) and the Finns eat this with cloudberry jam (which we call bakeapple jam or confiture de chicoutai in Canada).  

Mmmm. Juustoleipa is very interesting and quite nice once you acquire a taste for the texture and the sound it makes when chewed (hence its name, mousesqueak cheese...).

But the weather continues to darken, and your scribe worries about what form the Finn will change into... Time to return to the first image and hope for sun again.
Image of burning incense in an incense burner at a shrine

Your humble scribe, your worried heroine, and your terrified hero


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the cheese trivia you know all things cheesy appeal.

simmers said...

If you know the weather will be bad and you have a Finn visiting...just load up on some booze and everything will be fine!


Junosmom said...

Again, I wonder the country "hitting" on this blog - Finns?
As for weather, I wouldn't guess that Finland has the best weather in the winter, and so wouldn't go there then. Just as I would try to visit HK, should I be so lucky, in the non-rainy season. My guess is that Mr. or Mrs. Finn is coming to see you, not HK, anyway.