Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fireworks and misunderstandings

Picture of Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour taken at night by fireworks lightHello Gentle Reader,

Yesterday was Chinese National Day, celebrated in Hong Kong with a day off work and with fireworks.

The night before was, therefore, a hectic partying night. Insomnia bar was our chosen evil with Holger, Amanda, Matthew, and your Heroine all in attendance.

Bars are not quite the same when you are popping antibiotics and cannot drink, as I discovered the hard way at a black tie gala event about two weeks ago, but by 1 am a really good cover band came on. Singing songs of high school, lustily, I realized that I may just have entered middle age.

Anyway, today was another "restock the house with water" day.  

If you spend 500 bucks you get free delivery, so a lot of water was bought (we have another guest coming this weekend, and they always go through a lot of water).

Your heroine and I were at the checkout counter and the cashier asked for delivery instructions. I gave them in English, your Heroine gave them in Chinese and she gave the cashier a business card for our apartment's concierge service.  

Regina then went back to the office as it was the end of lunch (leaving the business card with the address in Chinese).

"Miss!! Miss!!! (ai-yah!) MIIIIIISSSSSSSS!!"... 

shouted the cashier desperately to your heroine who was blissfully unaware of the high-decibel output of our cashier.


screamed the cashier in a futile last effort to either attract Regina's attention or make my ears bleed.

"No worries, chicken curries!" 

said your humble scribe to the cashier, quickly, knowing the strange combination of words would flummox the cashier, stop her from trying to rupture my eardrums, and gain her attention.  

It worked.

"I can give the card to her; she's my wife." I said once I had the cashier's quiet attention.

"OH! So sorry."

 said the cashier.



Hmmm. Food for thought. It is always useful, or at least interesting, to know what outsiders' impressions are, but I am still not sure if the concussive impact of the previous night's fireworks finale had damaged my hearing or the cashier's comprehension of what she was saying... 

Maybe both.

Second Picture of fireworks in Victoria Harbour


simmers said...

Rad fireworks display! Oops, gotta go...I need to turn the taps off...each morning I run all my taps for 10 minutes and flush the toilet a few times just so I feel like my pipes have that nice fresh feeling. Ah, Canada!

James Young Design said...
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