Thursday, February 11, 2010

3WW CLXXVI (postscript) (Big Egos. Loose Ids.)

The moral wasteland (rich in grey)... Dear Gentle Reader,

I am back with a 3WW CLXXVI postscript (in haiku[ish] format with an American Sentence title)...

This week, again, the words are lucid, righteous, and salvage...

Mobsters swagger through moral wastelands, diminishing debtors and debts...

Big egos. Loose ids.
Sal Vaggio, Righteous Lee;
made men collect debts.


** For non-English-as-a-first-language speakers, a made man, or a wise guy, are other names for a mafioso--a member of the Cosa Nostra, the mob. Hence two mafiosi, two wise guys, or, two mobsters, would be made men.

**Further, for id, and ego, think of Sigmund Freud and his id, ego, and super ego. Or, for German-readers, think of das Es, das ich, und das Ueber-Ich...



Teresa said...

Love the way you broke up the word "lucid". Excellent haiku art, and the music goes quite well with the topic.

Cloudia said...

Sounds like you've been on the run from mob enforcers, LOL.
Seriously though:

Missed ya!

Aloha, Friend

Comfort Spiral

mark said...

I quite like this. Very effective...

Sepiru Chris said...

Cheers Teresa,

I'd like to say I awoke with a start, and with that haiku breaking out of my skull. But it was just the rap-tap-tapping of my blood.

Then, after I woke up, the neurons responsible for this little haiku woke up, too. And, man, did they let out a racket.

I'd like to say I know how Zeus felt after his Metis-induced indigestion, but that would be too much.

Dear Cloudia,

Heck no, I've been hiring...

I've missed being e-present, and e-visiting, too. You know things are out of whack when scrolling through e-texts is a bit much!

Dear Mark,

Thank you.


Andy Sewina said...

Phew, these words just had to go with that picture.


Teresa said...

After rereading this several times, I have the question: Are the ids loose because the super-egos are on vacation? What happened to those guilt-tripping rulers of the consciousness?

murat11 said...

Loose ids. You a bad boy there, Chris. Hilarious one, too.

Your word verification today is "taturb." I believe that's exactly what you just did to the 3WW folks: you taturbed them but good...

madeline d. murray said...

Loose ids. Loose ids. Loose ids. I just keep laughing, and saying it over and over. Worse case of the giggles I've had in weeks. Thanks!
(The whole thing is quite good, but those loose ids? FABulous.)

Kitty said...

To Sepiru Chris, may I say
Your verse on my blog rules ok
So Happy New Year
I wish you good cheer
And many more Three Word Wednesdays