Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back home for a short time...

Image of a tunnel exit in China, taken from a bus from inside the tunnel.Dear Gentle Reader,

I now come out of a long, dark period of e-silence.

Sorry about that.

I blame insolvencies, illness, and insurrections.

Those three 'eyes' glared at us simultaneously, which is almost as bad as a basilisk's stare.

But we were not turned to stone--only e-mush that could not post, apparently.

The insolvencies were not personal to us, only their effects were; Hero Pommes, the Wonder Cat, still has a working Swiss credit card.

The illness' are whatever and insurrections are best not dealt with in e-space.

Suffice to say that the Heroine, the Hero, and your humble scribe are, still, all well enough.

As a further excuse for posting laxity, there have also been: house guests, almost continually, from December 1 onwards; multiple trips into China, where your humble scribe cannot access this site; and, a new apartment has been sought in Hong Kong.

Finding an apartment in Hong Kong brings to mind the first verse of W.H. Auden's poem "Say this City has Ten Million Souls"...

Say this city has ten million souls,
Some are living in mansions, some are living in holes:
Yet there's no place for us, my dear, yet there's no place for us.

(W.H. Auden--excerpt, first stanza of
Say this City has Ten Million Souls)

However, a new home has been found.

Not to mention the fact that Hong Kong only has seven million souls. Ish.

Fewer, even, if some of the reputed deals that Angel Lucy cut are true...

Cleaning and painting and renovating are all being quoted for the new apartment which is interesting because, for once, someone else will be doing all that work, my not really being up for it at the moment.

Packing and moving preparations are breathing hotly down our necks, wondering when they get to bask in our attention... (soon, soon...)

The new apartment will be bigger and will have easier guest facilities (for both guests and for us).

The trade-off for more space was a sacrifice of our lovely view--no more harbour view or park view or bird's-eye views of birds' eyes (raptors and prey, both).

And the new home is in an older apartment building.

And there will be no pool, gym, sauna, weight room, jacuzzi, putting green, outdoor patio, meeting rooms, function rooms, auxiliary computer room, or library in the new building, unlike in the current building.


Also, no concierge.

Or cute conciergettes.

*Double sigh*

Nor will there be the Russian oligarch-chic foyer with black glass chandeliers from Murano, Philippe Starck designed floor lamps, stainless steel sculptures, slowly cycling, recessed rainbow lights, and naked men and women (sculptures, sadly) as door handles.

*Triple sigh*

Special note... that beautiful woman (the door handle on the right) fit wonderfully into one's palm.

Think Thumbelina, only sexier.

And the man was, always, when used, under my thumb.

Go figure. And, no, I won't say what part.

But, the rent is less and the space is more.

I suppose I ought to post photos of the old apartment, now that we are preparing to bid it a fond adieu.

Maybe that will be the next post.

After 3WW, of course.



Teresa said...

I am sooo glad you're back! I loved the song with this post. The link to the other one (on the haiku post) wouldn't go through, so I listened to the generic link about illegal insurrections or something.

My best to the Hero and Heroine, and tell Pommes to stop ordering WMD with his Swiss credit card. No wonder you all had to lie low.

simmers said...

woo hoo!
no more tetrodotoxin!
one of the best tunes ever. brings me back to the early 90s... *sigh*

The United Statesian said...

No conciergettes!?!?

Sheesh! I guess I will have to rethink my next visit ;-)

Great to see that you are back to the e-world, writing, creating... existing.

"I blog, therefore I exist"

jjdebenedictis said...

More space vrs. great view, a conundrum that spans continents.

My condolences on saying goodbye to Thumbelina and Thumbelissimo, but I am glad to hear you, Heroine and Pommes are doing well.

Random word verification: cocolode

That sounds tasty, whatever it is.

Fireblossom said...

Scribe! Welcome back. Bosco wants Pommes to know he is enjoying the correspondence muchly and if his Mom would only show him how to lick a stamp without drowning it, he would write back right away!

Cloudia said...

I'll miss the view - I mean I've NEVER been there!

Miss Kitty

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear Teresa,

Glad to be back and e-up, too!

Too bad that "pump up the jam" wouldn't pump up, for you. It is a fun Django Reinhardesque rendering.

Your best shall be conveyed, and I try not to look too hard at what Pommes is up to... willful ignorance, I know, but the trepidation of really knowing gets my fingers spasming so wildly that I cannot leaf through the pages, e or otherwise...

Dear Simmers,

I shall take that woo hoo as my reward. *bows*

Dear United Statesian,

Funny you should mention that... a few months after your last visit, one was asking about you...

The new algebra of René Descartes, my friend? I am not so sure that I agree, even e-wise, but the Heroine despairs and hopes that sentiment is not real, yet... :)

Dear OxyJen,

I know that you share that dilemna, sometimes, but you have "just right" flat, no?

If only it were the cocoalode, the chocolate miner's dream...

Dear Fireblossom,

I think that Bosco's time in the sun is coming soon, and I shall relay his thoughts to Pommes. Hero to Hero, via the scribe. The old, archaic way.

Dear Miss Kitty,

Hong Kong customs for superior life forms, by which I normally mean cats, but Heroes like Bosco also qualify, is worse than a drag. It took weeks for my claws to re-grow... But you are always welcome, and, if you want a break in Hawaii, you can always send your pets over. They are both more than welcome...


Richard said...

Well the hiatus was good for the haiku! Really, the best you've turned out, and they stretch into that other brain space - you know, where many people avoid. Now about these adds...I can't believe I spent the last five minutes learning how to burn off belly fat by eating pizza, pasta, and burgers.

PS: If you get a chance check out Paschal's coffee poems.

Barbara Martin said...

We forgive easily for your absence. I've been absent due to a new internet package which provides less bandwidth time at outrageous rates: all for mobility purposes.

I'll be back to play catch up on your posts.

murat11 said...

Echoing others, it's good to have you back. Best to all of you in the new digs.