Wednesday, February 24, 2010


These boots are meant for talking. These legs are meant for gawking. Don't call my name, Alejandro. (Shenzhen (China) Girl.)Dear Gentle Reader,

It's 3WW, again.

This week the prompt words are generate, meager, and tease.

As usual, I serve up three haiku/senryu, each with an American Sentence title.

Things have still not hit equilibrium in Hong Kong, yet, so I am woefully behind in reading, responding, and even posting, myself.

Nonetheless, I am here for Thom's prompts.

Your starter is a titled picture with, as always, descriptions if you run your mouse over the image.

For dessert, I close off with a musical offering, which, this week, is related to last week's offering.

So, promptly, away.

Let the games begin with generate, meager, and tease...

Fresh officer learns quickly that herbal teas aren't wanted at the front.

meager teas, hot-wet,
generates no goodwill, sir.
serve joe booze instead.

** ... joe is a US slang term for coffee whilst Joe is a US slang term for either an "ordinary Joe" or an ordinary soldier, a la G.I. Joe. my lack of capitalization yields ambiguity...

High tension cabling required for these; restrain the dogs of war on base.

Meagre tees. Wet, thin,
strained, stretched, full to bursting
generate ten-shun.

** ... "Ten-Shun" is a North American slang term, on the military parade ground, for 'attention'. It is usually phrased and delivered in the imperative tense. And the implicit puppies in the American Sentence title are also a slang term for breasts. Usually women's. Oh. And, after Heroine testing, it might be noted that tees are tee shirts...

When home's an alley and the only purr is your belly... ...gotta eat...

Meager tease goes home
hungry. Generate coin, food...
Rough trade; go pro, boy.

** ..."Rough trade" is a slang term for a male prostitute.



Last week I gave you a baroque 'Ciaccona', a chaconne, which I said always reminded me of modern dance music as baroque chaconnes have a driving bass line with a series of short harmonic variations which dance around that beat.

I also said that I enjoy dance music.

Rereading last week's post, I thought of today's musical piece by Kenny Mellman.

Sure, Kenny uses a banjo (I think) rather than a harpsichord, but the plucking is similar to a baroque harpsichord. And, Kenny uses his voice as a driving bass line with a series of short harmonic, plucked banjo variations dancing around that bass line.

...Baroque to Dance-Electro-Pop and back to baroque...

"Music evolution change
Sometimes the common makes it sound strange"

Buckshot Lefonque

Gentle Reader (and listener), if you think that my musical selection this week is akin to a malformed pearl, then I am delighted.

(A malformed pearl, in Portuguese, is now uma pérola malformado. But, in the seventeenth century, a malformed pearl, or a misshapen pearl, was uma barroca, from whence we get Baroque.)



anthonynorth said...

Great post, as always. As ex-forces I felt at home :-)

ThomG said...

I've said it once, I will say it again, your blog is the thinking man's playground. I like how you've offered up slang for your readers. So what's this equilibrium you're closing in on? I need some of that, as I feel I have none.

gautami tripathy said...

I liked all but I think the second one is my favourite!

airing that fire

Teresa said...

I loved the post today with its row of "meager teas," "meager tees," and "meager tease." It took you long enough to spell the second word right.

The second haiku is spectacular. It reminds me of wet t-shirt contests on Thursday nights at the night clubs along M Street in Georgetown. Young women drank for free as long as they agreed to be doused for the contest...

Loved the music and the pearls of wisdom about Baroque music and its contemporary take-offs.

Andy Sewina said...

Nicely nicely, thanks for the info!
Round our way, Joe is a taxi! and a tee is something you hit a golf ball off. I'll give you the last one - aka rent boy!


Zouxzoux said...

Your writing is always so clever. I could do with some joe booze on this cold morning.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I'm seconding ZouxZoux motion. Wednesdays make me thirsty.

Grateful to read such clever turns of words....

Richard said...

As usual, your Wed. offerings are a delight. A few notes on slang: G.I. stands for government issue, so it makes the Joe even more anonymous. Governments like their cannon fodder anonymous, makes things less emotional for the generals.

Rough trade is a bit more than a male prostitute, and refers to violent sex. Kind of like war.

equilibrium is a great word. L: aequus - equal; libra - balance. and on to librium, that great equalizer. And for the psycho-patriotic: "Give me librium, or give me meth."

Canada nailed ice-dancing with one of the best acts in memory: Virtue and Moir. Congrats!

Daily Panic said...

Some times I just want to spend all day reading this blog. the way you use words, I have to process it - in a good way. Thanks for being so detailed.

Just someone said...

Your posts are great!

I love the details and it is always fun to stop by!

And great haikus!

Stan Ski said...

Great Stuff, and I'm a big fan of Buckshot Lefonque (Branford Marsalis).

Thomma Lyn said...

Delightful, all -- music, poetry, knowledge. I always learn something new from your posts.

Dee Martin said...

methinks joe booze might cause problems with wet tee ten shun :)
this was a delight!

Cloudia said...

"rough trade" is a bit more nuanced. There are "rent boys" "gigolos" and other kinds of male prostitutes who are NOT rough trade...I worked with street sex workers (my credentials :)

I know you love obscure info!

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Angel said...

Those were different this week. Good job.

simmers said...

Back in full form!
I like to boot pic...I have a few myself. Not because I'm a perv but the variety of boots in big cities is fantastic.
For your slang, I once thought that 'joe' was Auzzie slang for a prostitute but I cannot find any web-based support. The closest I can find is a Scottish sweetheart. And why would you want to give your sweetheart booze? Possibly because tea just won't do!

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Clever stuff. Things never have just one meaning around here.

Tumblewords: said...

A short time to read, a long time to digest! Terrific post.

one more believe said...

uh-huh... i gotta laugh at the visions swirling in my head...words and music... tah, eh...and joejoe had it comin... but i regress... a most enjoyable post...