Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Image of a Taoist magic protective charm outside a house in Hong Kong's New Territories.Dear Gentle Reader,

It's 3WW time, again.

This week (CXLII) the words are arresting, rhythmic, and wicked.

Further, each haiku gets its very own American sentence title.

Hypocrite Halos; We're all bad sometimes, the good ones just don't show it

Arresting wicked
thoughts before rhythmic glee bursts
out--half the battle

Bounce, the quicker picker upper, of what? I leave that to you; enjoy.

Wicked away by fresh
towels, rhythmic motions clean,
arresting the spread of filth

Ng--down for the count in the girlie bar, ticker couldn't take tock it

Wicked pleasure (pump)...
rhythmic dancer (pump pumt pump)...
...(cardiac arrest).



Jeeves said...

Second one is very nice.

Andy Sewina said...

cOOL POST cHRIS, Love the bit about the quicker picker upper.

ThomG said...

Clever, really clever. I like the last the best.

Anonymous said...

The first and second are genius. Very nice!

Happy 3WW!
I played too!

Teresa said...

They're all good today, Chris.

The first one makes me think of my high school maxim: "If you can't be good, be good at it!" The second is genius, and the third is definitely a case of being good at it :)


Fledgling Poet said...

The second one was so clever! But I really enjoyed all three. :~)

Kristy Worden said...

Ha! never even consider the 'wick' pronunciation. Obviously you are way more clever than I!

murat11 said...

You are the wicked one today, Brother Scribe! Definitely dig the alternate take on "wicked" in Haiku2, and 3 be hilarious, charajiji. And no, that's not one of your Word Verifications. Let's call it Armenian for imp.

Tumblewords: said...

ShamWow! These are cool - each one totally different and a fun read!

Cloudia said...

You have talent!
LOVE the Taoist cowboy; hope you don't mind me stealing it?

Richard Wells said...

Three! And I like your American sentences. My problem with the form is that most practitioners write sentences you can't imagine anyone saying, yours are sayable-imaginable - or v.v.

MichaelO said...

Lot's of exercise in these three! Like the double take on wicked. In summary, it seems we are all guilty of desire and sometimes caught in the act, we leave ourselves a mess requiring others to clean up!

susan said...

Oh, the girlie bar made me laugh. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Very clever!

Junosmom said...

I do hope he is riding something and doesn't have a parasitic twin. :-)

gautami tripathy said...

You won me over!


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