Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hong Kong workers part deux; people's appetites must be fed (and Pommes...)

Image of a Hong Kong butcher's shop at a wet market.Dear Gentle Reader.

First, a continuation of worker shots from Monday.

Construction workers have to eat. This man helps.

Now, after that photo, pressing business.

Some of you have noted that Pommes has not appeared for a while.

Speculation is rampant.

Fear is rife.

It is time for me to end the speculation.




Image of a butcher in Hong Kong with a big cleaver.



Ashes to ashes.

Dust to dust.

We all return to what we are from...





Pommes was gone, but now has come home...

Image of your Hero, Pommes, on top of The Economist, May 30th to June 5th, 2009, edition. Close-up.
I trust this puts your mind at ease.


You want more?

With Pommes there is always more...

Image of your Hero, Pommes, on top of The Economist, May 30th to June 5th, 2009, edition. Or is that a sheepskin.



Wrong photo.

Image of your Hero, Pommes, on top of The Economist, May 30th to June 5th, 2009, edition.
Ok. There you are.

The delay was caused by intellectual property rights issues.

Pommes was holding out for more salmon before he would permit me to publish his likeness on the site.

Last time he goes to a clinic; he comes back knowing too much.

Jailhouse lawyers.


Speaking of trash, back to Hong Kong.

Lots of blue collar workers means lots of butchers and lots of restaurants.

And that means that lots of rubbish is generated every day.

And, with those rats, and the heat, and the threat of the Bubonic Plague, rubbish has to be dealt with quickly, every day, especially from the wet markets.

Here is another blue collar worker in Hong Kong.

A rubbish hauler.

Image of a rubbish hauler in Hong Kong.

And with that, I am off for the day, until 3WW tomorrow.



Heidelweiss said...

You are evil. And you lie... Don't show us pictures of Rug-Pommes! You horrible thing! If it were up to me, you'd be hauling garbage in rattan baskets for a month. Without a face mask. Or goggles. Or vaccines.

Sepiru Chris said...

Morning, Heidelweiss,

I must be channeling the convolvulus.

But, you know, this is a common problem after weight loss regimes.

Same surface area as before the weight loss, different volume.

As you can see, however, we have fattened the Hero up, against our better judgment.

Pommes has been upping the daily allowance of salmon, for a while now, as he has withheld permission to broadcast his image...


(a vaguely chastened) Chris and a miao-cackling Pommes, delighted that his plans have worked.

Richard Wells said...

They took him to a shop where the meat was ground
And dropped him in the hopper when the butcher wasn't 'round
Now the cat disappeared with a blood curdling shriek
And the town's meat tasted furry for a week.

But the cat came back, couldn't stay no longer,
Yes the cat came back the very next day;

The cat came back - thought she were a goner,
But the cat came back for it wouldn't stay away.


murat11 said...

Kudos to Pommes and his taste in mags.

As for you, mon frere, it seems that Hong Kong has its Whitman. And I don't mean candy samplers.

Rave on...

Teresa said...


I agree with Heidelweiss. You leave for a month, explore the underbelly of Gotham, and come back to us like the Riddler or the Penguin or one of those other nefarious Bat-type villains. I think hauling garbage in rattan baskets is too good for you. I think you should work as a rat catcher along the wharves without face mask. Or gloves. Or boots. Or goggles. Or vaccines. (Or magic flutes...)

I notice that while in rehab Pommes' haunch grew to the size of a small pig's leg, but you can't just do away with your pet just because he takes up too much room in your small HK penthouse suite.

I do hope you choked on your hot sauce as you swallowed your Pommes frites. And by the way, the Pommes rug does not go with your decor, not as well as a real Pommes... sniff sniff.

Can you tell us when the memorial service will be?? We can send salmon colored flowers in honor of his inky blackness.

Sepiru Chris said...


Dear Richard,

I DO wish I could be in Seattle in August.

Dear Murat,

It's this or Der Spiegel for Pommes. Although he has been caught with L'Hebdo when he wants to stay au courant with the goings on in Francophone(ish) Switzerland.

Cheers. I think that is an apt description of me, somedays. Raving on and on, that is.

Next stop... La Saltpetriere, non?

Dear Teresa,

You and Heidelweiss both!

Issue conflation!

I just happen to be doing a series on blue collar workers in Hong Kong, when I succumbed to public pressure to display pictures of his Nibs, Pommes, and his continuing bovine health.

And, by complete accident, I was misled by a sheepskin to think it was Pommes.

Perfectly harmless, perfectly normal.

Issue conflation... so sad...


Teresa said...

Dear Chris,

If by "bovine health", you mean Pommes' meat hanging at the meat sellers, I think I can say with pretty good certainty (after shopping for so many years at Taiwanese markets) that you should be referring to it as "porcine health."

I hope that Batman gets you soon, Riddler!!! Or are you a new villain--Haikuer? Haikuist?


Cloudia said...

Too scary & funny!!!!
I really laughed out loud - but felt real fear when that black run scrolled up!!
Might have known that Pommes was causing "issues" (Jailhouse lawyers!!)
Funny, but tomorrow I publish my own trash hauling memories(among other things)Aloha, Scribe

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear Teresa,

Could be, could be. But, there is a fair bit of beef for sale, too, here in Hong Kong. Not quite the same as Taiwan, and, I concur. More pork is sold here, still, I would guess.

But, bovine sounds better than porcine in this context. To me. I don't know why.

Dear Cloudia,

Pommes actually adores that sheepskin.

He treats it as second home.

There is only one place that Pommes consents to be brushed for his daily removal of a ball of yarn... and that is there, upon that rug.

He might be part sheep, though, with the quantity of wool a spinner could produce from his sheddings, so maybe it is a genetic memory.