Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Image of a container house, in Hong Kong's New Territories, hidden by a wild, bamboo hedge.Dear Gentle Reader,

It's 3WW time, again.

I am just out of the operating room and rather groggy from the anaesthesia.

Capricious (fickle) fates have revealed sparkling wet bits through new, precise, surgical wrinkles; crescents that I have been assured will go away.

I told them I would, too.

So they upped my anaesthesia.

I'll spare you the details, but the nurses were amused and the anaesthetist was startled.

I likely should have told them that I have a propensity for waking up mid-surgery, although one would presume that the various surgeons and specialists would share these amusing bits of trivia amongst themselves.

This week (CXLIII) the words are fickle, sparkle, and wrinkle.

Further, each haiku gets its very own American sentence title.

Love broken, made, or found must be hinted, hunted in seventeen sounds

the wrinkle in love
is not fickle luck or fate
when eyes sparkle, wet

Earth science alchemy: liquid fire transforms to cool obsidian

fickle magma pops
bubbles, wrinkles, sparkles black;
broken fire in stone

Gieves and Hawkes, Hugo Boss, Armani (the fates)... iron out our future

Dull steel sparkles hot;
wrinkles' destiny is flat.
Fickle fashions fate



paisley said...

well damn,, if you can write like that after a bout of anesthesia,, maybe that's what i need to do to kick start my writing again!!!!

ThomG said...

I will echo paisley's thoughts. I've been under the knife, been in that anesthesia haze, and mumbled. Then, I barfed.

Great use of the words and great haiku.

Fledgling Poet said...

I think maybe you should be under anesthesia more! These were wonderful! I hope you recover quickly from your surgery.

murat11 said...

Chris: The "-kle" sounds are not necessarily easy ones to traffick with; however, no pedestrian you. These are very fun and very fine, the haiku and the Sentences. I have my favorite, though: all three (all six). Be well and go easy on the grog.

Anonymous said...

Love me some haiku. The last line of the 2nd one just rocked my world.

Great, all three.

gautami tripathy said...

Considering your state,
you did great!

sultry days of summer

Life without Clots said...

you write well in the fog...

Teresa said...

Dear scribe,

Anesthesia certainly becomes you. They were all wonderful. I especially liked the imagery in the one on obsidian.

Feel better.


quin browne said...

you always make me think i can write poetry after i read your work... then i remember, no i can't.

hope you are feeling better

Tumblewords: said...

The surgery was a success? Even though the patient awakened? Great...
As always, the sentences and attached haiku are smooth, articulate and totally wonderful.

Zouxzoux said...

OMG, I am so impressed! Take care of yourself.

pjd said...

LOL Thom!

I need to get me some of what you had. It appears to work.

Teresa said...

Hey Chris, I have an idea to get you leaping up out of your bed...
Go to Barbara Martin's blog and look at the pictures on her latest post. She has one of a lovely, HUGE black spider. You will be running up the Peak in a jiffy! Pommes would probably enjoy playing with that spider, too.

Best Wishes for a Speedy Recovery,

Barbara Martin said...

@Teresa, thanks for the direction to those who wish to see a "spider".

Chris, I heard you were recovering from surgery and I see you are doing well. Take care.

Cloudia said...

face lift?
changing your appearance to evade interpol?

Hope you are OK!


Comfort Spiral

Greyscale Territory said...

They ring and they bite with a razor edge! Wonderful!

Both Sides of Ben Marlan said...

i havent been around - whats going on? what surgery

AD said...

this rocked my senses :)

My 3WW