Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Image of a chain on the gate of a Buddhist monastery in Hong Kong's New Territories.Dear Gentle Reader,

Hello again from Hong Kong.

I've been in India and have fallen behind on 3WW.

So it is time to catch up.

This week (CXXXIII) the words are allure, perch, and vivid.

Last week (CXXXII) the words were flirt, ploy, and stunning.

Two weeks ago (CXXXI) the words were crush, knack, and varied.

Tschuess, Chris

CXXXIII entry (allure, perch, vivid):


Allure... The vivid
new fragrance that drives perch mad.
A (chemical) lure.

CXXXII entry (flirt, ploy, stunning):


Stunning flirt sex dance
ploy works. Gets kids and the house.
Black widow smiles. Chews.

CXXXI entry (crush, knack, varied):


varied injuries
auto bodies auto-crushed
chop shop's got the knack


ThomG said...

I needs me some of that Allure - but do them make it in walleye?

Always fun to see you at 3WW. Hope you had a great trip.

SweetTalkingGuy.. said...

Cool interpretation, I think I like the stunning flirt sex dance ploy best!

Heidelweiss said...

My fave is "Chanel (Poisson) Allure". V v clever. We are, however, in a fight (as long lost siblings often are). I'm very disappointed in the sporadic ways of the e-cuneiform blog of late. No posts and then suddenly so many that I have no time to comment. Also, what happened to the days of yore when our Scribe commented on our comments? Well, I'm angry. You just think about that. And don't be using "wedding travel to far off lands" as an excuse.

Jenn Jilks said...

It seems the hurrier I go the behinder I get! Good for you for getting caught up. I'm pretty much behind in poetry month.

Good work.

pia said...

love the simple word pay in allure

Angel said...

Humm, the first one was most interesting to me this time.

Fledgling Poet said...

I enjoyed them all, but especially the second one! Very clever. :~)

Tumblewords: said...

Excellent, as usual. Each one is vivid and engaging...

floreta said...

nicely done!!

hope you're having an amazing time in india. it's one of the places i'd love to visit someday.

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear ThomG,

I'll check. And I'll have to come by and check to see how the frothing and foaming with you is doing, too.

Thanks, and I did have a great trip.

Dear SweetTalkingGuy,

Watch the woman is all I can say!

Dear Heidelweiss,

Now now.

I only missed one post.


Then, if you had come by early, you would have seen one gargantuan post on Wednesday (before 3WW which I usually try to do anyway).

So I cut it down, and stored the "On Air" essay away for a rainy day. Or a breezy one. But then I saw that Junosmom had taken a picture of air, so I had to stick the last essay/posting back in, as a new post.

But Heidelweissy, Süsserin, You have time to comment. Do it later! I love your comments.

And days of yore are back.

It was hard to comment on pre-posted articles when I tried to stay away from the web in India. And time constraints are deadly, right now. I am going a bit berserk. I have even stopped almost all my pleasure reading.

That is how busy I am.

I should warn you that things will be patchy in the upcoming month.

After May 15, all will be well, but I will be a very, very bad long lost sibling and e-friend for a the next month.

Or else? Or else bad things will happen to me and neither the Heroine or the Hero will talk to me.

So, you are forewarned. Drink soothing cocoa and fume, but gently. Please.

(PS. I am glad that you liked the Chanel (Poisson) Allure. Merci.)

Dear Jenn,

Cheers. I used to think that the more I did, the more I could do. But I am beginning to notice that something has to give, somewhere.

Dear Pia,



That's cool.

Fledgling poet,

I am pleased that you enjoyed it.

I kept (for thirty seconds. I give myself 7-10 minutes to read and complete the 3WW challenges.) vacillating on using "chew" or "suck". Suck would be more accurate, but chew just felt more satisfying.


You are beyond kind. I am so behind on my workload that I don't know if I can visit this week, (or until the 15th) but I will be coming by and catching up on all that I have missed, because I quite like what you put down, too. Cheers.


Thank you so much.

Jump on a plane. It's a pretty cool place to visit (well, it is stiflingly hot, but intellectually and culturally v. interesting).

You can hang out here for a couple of days on way through, if you want.


Cloudia said...

Chop shop got da knack!

Heidelweiss said...

I suppose I shall forgive. This once. You seem very busy. I shall pout in silence and stop being snippy. I rely on your information and humor now, like a drug. Tell the Heroine and Pommes not to be too angry. Do not reply to this comment ;).

Sepiru Chris said...


I have to learn to get your cadence for local languages...


I shouldn't even be looking here, but I did to see if you responded.

Now I'm giggling. How very masculine of me.

(PS I haven't a clue yet what will go down tomorrow onto the e-tablet...)


Junosmom said...

Hi Chris - so that's where you were! I would like to go there someday and search for a young boy I once sponsored. The organization cut off support for the mission where he was, and told me that mail would probably not reach him. I think of him very often and wish I could assure myself he is okay. Dh has been there but in a different region. I wonder which region you visited?

gautami tripathy said...

You were in India and you did not let me know?!

I suppose you don't know that I live in New Delhi.

I liked all but the third one hits hard.

Sepiru Chris said...

Hi Junosmom,

I spent this trip in Maharashtra State. I suspect it would be very hard to find your past ward. Sorry.

Hi Gautami,

I'll likely be in New Delhi for a week sometime in the next few months; lassis would be great!