Monday, April 20, 2009

Part I of XII of the interregnum: Genoa's underbelly

Graffiti image of an angel on a wall in the Old Town centre of Genoa, Italy.Dear Gentle Reader,

I live in Gotham.

I might even write about that, one day. But not now.

While I am not offering written fluff, for the next three weeks, I will provide a pictorial view of the underbelly of Genoa.

Genoa (Genova in Italian) is a fantastic city with a rich history of conquest, exploration, and occupation. But the humble scribe has no time to write until May 18, as an e-interregnum is currently in effect as previously noted here.

So, instead, a head-level look at the popular art. And by popular art, I mean art by the populous.

By the people.

A series of graffiti shots.

Your humble scribe may add commentary after May 18. We'll see. But, till then, each picture counts as 1000 words.


Graffiti image of a sticker of a car from the Old Town centre of Genoa, Italy.

Graffiti image of a sticker of an alien goat from the Old Town centre of Genoa, Italy.

Graffiti image of a sticker of zombie twins eating each other's brains from the Old Town centre of Genoa, Italy.

Graffiti image of a graffiti image of a head in the Old Town centre of Genoa, Italy.

Graffiti image of a sticker of a berry princess hipsterette from the Old Town centre of Genoa, Italy.


lyzzydee said...

Gotham?? Gotham City? Are you Batman?
Well I may have to go and look at my local 'art' I have always viewed it as an unsightly nuisance!!

T and S said...

Looks like those sketches are everywhere and each one seems to have a message!

Lauren said...

Funny how different it is to Chicago graffiti.

Clare2e said...

A cool graffitorium genovese. More please.

Travis Erwin said...

Way better graffiti than we get here.

Barrie said...

What a fun post. Wouldn't that interesting if we all posted some graffiti and compared?!

Reb said...

There is some nice graffiti there. I like Barrie's idea too!

Heidelweiss said...

That last picture makes me sick. Triggers my tryphophobia. Barfff. Laughing very hard at las India post, good sir.

Linda McLaughlin said...

Much nicer graffitti than we get around here, which tends to be mostly gang signs.

Fab said...

I like these. You got me hooked and now I am emulating you!

Cool idea! Looking forward to seeing your shots.

I will be starting a mirror post of graffiti shots in my city (Geneva Switzerland)

If you want to have a peek, go to

murat11 said...


Something told me to check in, even though I knew the scribe was on "hiatus."

Humble scribe, you work harder at hiatus than I work at work.

I'd hate to see you on the high octane.

Keep tagging. And peace.

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear Lyzzydee,

Look again at the art, and look at Monday May 18 (2009) to find out about Batman...

Dear T and S,

These sketches covered the old city which had its drawbacks, but was also quite interesting. I enjoy seeing how the classes of a society express themselves.


I agree, it is very different from the Windy City.

Dear Clare2e,

Bon giorno. I am so glad you enjoyed today's offering. I imagine you were sated by the time the month was out. :)

Dear Travis,

Post some so that we can compare...

Dear Barrie,

It looks like Fab did, and I will have to check if you did too...

Dear Reb,

As do I Reb, as do I. Have you followed through?

Dear Heidelweiss,

I am very glad that you enjoyed the last India post. Sorry that I triggered your phobia. Sorry too about the public art that hit your psyche in Utah...

Dear Linda,

Gang signs would not be so cool. Even if they were nice, I wouldn't want to support them. I am completely with you, Linda.

Dear Fab,

Fabster! Great news! Look forward to seeing it!

Dear Murat,

Ah Murat, but I was on hiatus. These were all posted before I left, they just came up belatedly, as planned, to minimize disruptions ... But, I was running through at a fairly high octane pace and feel a bit shattered with exhaustion, right about now...