Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mea maxima culpa

Image of a pile of brightly coloured, festive plastic wind whirlers lying on the ground.Dear Gentle Reader,

I am most grievously at fault for not organizing my affairs in a more sensible state.

Right now I feel that I personify Markham's anvil...

Preparedness by Edwin Markham (1852-1940)

For all your days prepare, 
And meet them ever alike: 
When you are the anvil, bear-
When you are the hammer, strike.

I get to be the hammer on May 15th.


Until May 15th, however, dear Gentle Reader, and, I hope, Tolerant, Compassionate, and Empathetic Reader... I need time to prepare.

I must enter e-seclusion.


I dove into this e-world, and thoroughly enjoy swimming with you all, but I have swum too far from shore, this month, for I have responsibilities on land. 


I will be back on Monday, May 18 (2009).

I would be delighted if you would return to greet me. And I will return to these pleasant e-waters, but a break I need 'ere my real work is sunk.

There is a verse in the Qu'ran which is appropriate to what I am doing now, perhaps.

We create and destroy
And again recreate
In forms of which no one knows.

Al Waquiah
Qur'an 56:61

I do hope that I am not utterly severing the bond with you. 

I understand that I am materially breaching my unilateral undertaking to provide snippets of fluff thrice weekly; I trust some of you will come back.

Some things simply must be.


(And I will see you in 3 weeks.)


Both Sides of Ben Marlan said...

Awesome poem by Markham - i will keep that one around. It's so honest, and powerful because its honest. so old world work ethic. really cool.

Mid may is a great time. see you then

floreta said...

happens to the best of us! so nice that you can pinpoint a date you'll be back.. wow.

see you then :)

Richard said...

As it is, I'm in the same damn boat. After two years of unemployment (voluntary) courting the muse while everyone else was courting sub-prime mortgages, I'm back at work spending stimulus money while everyone else is unemployed (involuntarily).

Anxiously awaiting your return.

Teresa said...

Glad to know you work, Chris. I was wondering how you managed to come up with such exquisitely crafted posts 3 times a week and still earn a living. I was afraid you were one of those men who 吃軟飯. I will be looking forward to your posts in May.


Cloudia said...

UNDERSTAND Completely, my friend!
You are smart to make this move, it speaks well for you that you give us all one last tea before shutting yourself up to work.

I'll be looking forward to your recharged return. And feel free to look in on our blogs without leaving a comment!

Next case?
Aloha, Chris!

Barrie said...

Of course, we'll back to see you in 3 weeks. :)

Linda McLaughlin said...

Life, and work, does tend to interfere when we're having fun. We won't forget you, Chris.

Barbara Martin said...

By the time I get through these posts up to May 15th, then I will be hearing from you again.

No one is that free of responsibility, thus I understand your being absent.

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear Ben,

Glad that you like it.

See you soon as it is now mid May.

Dear Floreta,

I pinpointed it, now the energy has to flow back into these neurons...

Dear Richard,

You did more than court the muse, Richard. You appear to have won her over.

Dear Teresa,


Dear Cloudia,

Not sure about recharged yet, but I have returned and now have time. Looking forward to ramping up the mental writing engine, again.

Dear Barrie,


Dear Linda,

Thanks, and it does...

Dear Barbara,

Cheers, Barbara!

Tschuess all,