Friday, April 24, 2009

Part III of XII of the interregnum: Genoa's underbelly

Graffiti image of Bruce Lee from the old town centre of Genoa, Italy.Dear Gentle Reader,

I live in Gotham. 

I might even write about that, one day. But not now.

While I am not offering written fluff, for three weeks, I am providing a pictorial view of the underbelly of cities. Today, Genoa. And an apparent fascination with celebrities.

Genoa (Genova in Italian) is a fantastic city with a rich history of conquest, exploration, and occupation. But the humble scribe has no time to write until May 18, as an e-interregnum is currently in effect as previously noted here.

So, instead, a head-level look at the popular art. And by popular art, I mean art by the populous. 

By the people.

A series of graffiti shots.

Your humble scribe may add commentary after May 18. We'll see. But, till then, each picture counts as 1000 words.


Graffiti image of Marilyn Monroe from the old town centre of Genoa, Italy.

Graffiti image of Michael Jackson from the old town centre of Genoa, Italy.

Graffiti image of Gary Coleman from the old town centre of Genoa, Italy.

Graffiti image of Karl Marx from the old town centre of Genoa, Italy.

As per always, 
on every post, 
on this blog, 

putting the mouse over the picture reveals the captions.

And these postings are all automated, 

as your humble scribe will not be back until 18 May.


I will be keen

to read 




to say.


Teresa said...

Hi Chris,

I forgot about your perverse habit of hiding your subversive captions. I enjoyed this post. I especially liked the king in 3-D and Bruce Lee.


Cloudia said...

Very cool, Scribe.

Dominic Rivron said...

I used to work round the corner from Marx's grave.

Re graffiti, have you ever visited ?

Barbara Martin said...

Graffiti is the same as a 1,000 words, my friend.

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear Teresa,

We all do our best... But perverse? I think of it as a hidden treasure... or less cluttered... or a way to squeeze more text onto a page without alerting a sigh of desperation from the potential reader before they have engaged...

Dear Cloudia,

Glad that you like...

Dear Dominic,

How interesting that you worked in Highgate Cemetery! I wonder if we ever chatted? I have a habit of chatting with people because people are just so interesting.

Hey this link is the blog of the flicker account that you sent me to later! (I am getting caught up, after the e-interregnum, in reverse order. Great site, Dominic. Thanks for the link.)

Dear Barbara,

I thought you might agree.

You, Barbara, have that breadth of outlook that a love of history requires.

Tschuess all,