Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Image of a pile of used up, discarded bamboo steamers in the junk bin for burning, New Territories, Hong Kong.Dear Gentle Reader,

Hello again from Hong Kong.

I had work outside of this e-world and, hence, fell behind on 3WW.

...For a month...

In fact, I fell behind on e-everything, but I had automated posts of graffiti going up, well, like graffiti, on my site.

Now it's catch up time...

Six haiku in 18 minutes to make up for five weeks missed and the current week...

...the pressure is on...

Five weeks ago (CXXXIV) the words were deceit, indulge, and oath. (If this was an oral poetry slam I'd have fun substituting oaf...)

Weight gain good... sly importunations of the anti-dieter

No diet oath rules
caloric belly deceit
indulge excess now

Four weeks ago (CXXXV) the words were opportunity, quarrel, and service.

Alea jacta est: the bolt, or quarrel, is shot; advancement sought...

Change... liege lord? Terms of service?
...Feudal quarrel grows

(With an American sentence title, too!)

Three weeks ago (CXXXVI) the words were cryptic, flash, and malign.

Zombie bedtime stories

Necromancer wakes...
Malign words... Flash! Flesh sizzles--
cryptic hint... "Eat Brains..."

Two weeks ago (CXXXVII) the words were bicker, nervous, and trajectory.

Emotional geometry of a bad match

Nervous laughter breaks
trajectory of love fails
bickers to nadir

One week ago (CXXXVIII) the words were efficient, optimize, and treacherous.

Eat what you kill; annual division of income meeting of the partners

Treacherous partners
optimize their own success,
lie efficiently

This week (CXXXIX) the words are dreary, embrace, and timid.

Cleopatra. The original Power Girrrrl. Gone horribly wrong.

Dreary breakup? No.
No timid end for this girl.
Embrace my love, asp...

(Oooh. Another American Sentence title...)

And, in my last 30 seconds, I see a natural naisaiku (and I think that its constituent haiku is my clear favourite of this lot):

Nervous laughter breaks
trajectory of love fails
bickers to nadir
trajectory of love fails
Nervous laughter breaks



Lion-ess said...

That was a lot of catching!
I love haiku poems.
I tried doing the 3WW but finding it hard!

AD said...

whao whaooooo!!!!

awesome attempt!
you put me behind the curtain :D

happy 3WW

pia said...

It's too easy to fall behind. I admire your attempt at catchingup

andy said...

nICELY cHRIS, I love 'em all!!
If you've got another two minutes to spare, you can rewrite mine too!

ThomG said...

Man, I thought you were mad at me or something. What a tour de force or haiku. Have to say, I jsut re-read "World War Z" and loved the zombie one. Welcome back to e-world (although the graffiti was great stuff).

Anonymous said...

BRAVO!!! -Meg

anthonynorth said...

Well caught up, there.

pia said...

Thanks for the suggestion. It wasn't offensive at all. I live for true critiquing and changed the sentence to make it more descriptive

Michelle Johnson said...

You've caught up nicely with these haiku. I especially liked the Zombie one. Hope all is well. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

this was a TREAT !!!!! :) wonderful haikus

Kristy Worden said...

Hello person far, far away... My favorite was the Cleopatra... and aalso teh Naisaku (sp?)

Tumblewords: said...

Great job on catchup and all with combo sentence and haiku - it feels fine to slowly read and savor each piece.

Teresa said...

Does your catchup go well with Pommes frites?

Amazing catchup!! Impressive.

Zouxzoux said...

Wonderful, all. I esp like the Cleopatra....very clever.
Welcome back!

gautami tripathy said...

I do like this catch up post!

Liked all but the third week catch up is very good!

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear Lion-ess,

It was a lot of catching. I felt like a cricket or baseball mid-fielder.

And 18 minutes, too.

Hint on the 3WW... blur your mind and let the words find their own associations. Personally I discard the first three haiku I generate for any word combination, on the simple premise that if they come too fast, there must be more underneath.

Words live and find their kin, and your brain is their meeting point, safe under the skin.

Let the words be, don't try too hard, and soon you'll spout haiku like a neo-daimyo bard.

For what it is worth, those be my thoughts in 45 seconds or less.

Dear Americanised Desi,

Happy 3WW back to you.

Hopefully my attempt to catchup was successful. Otherwise I'll have broken tomato over my face.

And I don't think that put you behind the curtain at all. Cheers.

Dear Pia,

I deliberately fell behind. I imposed a one month e-interregnum on my blog. Although I still had 3 to 6 posts per week popping up in my absence, but I needed to take a break to get things done.

3WW, for me, is a chance to be whimsical and have fun with words in the field of poetry, on a regular basis, that I document, regularly.

My normal blogging output consists of stories, or essays, or Victorian, Boswellian travelogues.

To unleash a burst of wordplay and wordshowers and to follow illusion with allusion in the quick creations of haiku is a joy, to me.

So, for me, the attempt to catchup is simply a treat.

And I always hope to create a bon bons, or collection of bon mots, for a few e-poet-friends to enjoy.

Dear Andy,

Andy, I thought your dreary life and dreary outlook, while dismal and grey, was a great slice of a life I don't want. I wouldn't change it! Thanks for the teasing praise!

Dear ThomG,

You, ThomG, I always offer bon bons and bon mots too as payback for all you do for the 3WW community. And, of course, for your delectable offerings of neural comestibles that you purvey to the world for the cost of their eyeball and brain time.

Dear blisshappens (Meg) (meg),

Grazia, bella.

Dear Anthony North,

Thank you.

Dear Pia (Again),

Answered on your blog.

Dear Michelle Johnson,

I seem to have hit a cultural nerve with the zombies. And you will hit nerves, and flesh, and bone, which is a good thing, I guess, with that weedwacker if the zombies come close to you.

Kiss the necromancer, learn his charm... But don't use tongue... His is animated by another...


Sepiru Chris said...

Dear Pretty Me/Pretty Prats/Pretty Pretty Pratibha,

I am glad that you enjoyed my offerings. Come for more whenever, dear.

Dear Kristy Worden,

Hello Lady, only a click away...

I am glad you liked Cleo's take on the end of love. Gasp! An asp! Certainly not for me. I'd get crunched by a python to be really over the top. But, I guess she had her nose to think of.

Thanks for coming by.

Dear Tumblewords,

My southern cousins would wonder how one could have a combo without ketchup...

RationaleI always love a title; it provides context.

Dear Teresa,

Well, I suppose if I had the Hero deep-fried I would use a hot sauce.

But not ketchup.

Oh, wait.

You meant real Pommes Frites, not Pommes, the Hero...


I go Belgian, half the time, with mayonnaise, or Anglo-Germanic the other half, which is Pommes with malt vinegar...but enough to make pommes soup.

Speaking of missed linguistic clues, I was retelling your recent story of kraits to the Heroine... and she thought there was a crate moving along the wall.

She was under the misapprehension of it being a Chinese ghost story. Ahh, the trouble with cross-linguistic communication, sometimes. If you end up out of CSU due to the CA budget, and back to the parents-in-law in Taiwan, it would be lovely to meet you in person.

Dear Zouxzoux,

I am so delighted that you liked Cleo's tail. Long, for a haiku, but sharp (fanged).

Dear Gautami,

Another Zombie girl devotee. I need to talk to Kali about how to put these zombies down to good.

Or I'll try to get an appointment with Lord Yama, from the Buddhist pantheon of supporters.

Zombies give me the creeps! I want them down, and staying down.

Nonetheless, I'm glad that you liked this, Gautami.

Thanks for the visit.


Cloudia said...

*Clap clap clap*

Teresa said...

Dear Chris,

Don't even think of me being put out of the CSU due to the California budget. I am hoping that once I complete my master's here, I can get a PhD at Taida(NTU) while spending some time near my parents-in-law. That would be in about a year and a half. If I'm in Asia sooner, I'll let you know. I would like to see the real Batman of Hong Kong and the beefy cockroaches who can carry two ton palettes of cargo up and down the stairs of the Chungking Mansions. No wonder the hero is so full of inky blackness... He was probably snacking on monster cockroaches while under the influence of too much catnip. (And there was the question of how native you had gone when I asked about your preference for catchup on Pommes frites--no capital on purpose. In a city where one can buy monkey brains at restaurants as a delicacy, no pet is safe, but I won't tell him. Just start posting the dated pictures soon please.)

murat11 said...

Nice workout, e-Basho. You know what they say about e-interregna - so much stuff piled up on your desk when you return. All good, of course, but my faves are CXXXIV and CXXXVII. Methinks Cleo-Power Girrrl had a lisp...

Jeeves said...

Ohhh!!!Indeed nice sum up. Like the first one

pjd said...

A line a minute, impressive! Especially love the Cleo one and the lying efficiently. Well done.

bindu said...

wow - that's a lot of work in one post! You are catching up quite rapidly. Thanks for stopping by my blog after a long time. I have been a little busy as well, and so haven't been posting or visiting blogs as much. Hope to pick it up soon ...

Heidelweiss said...

"Embrace my love, asp". Brill. I laughed very hard. Regarding your question as to my back, it's still a back. It's still broken and will be as long as I keep refusing surgery (I'm only 32 for crying out loud!). But I can function, and THAT is the material point. Ha HA! Chalk one up for the patient!

Ooh, the word is "allyz", like friends in a gangster sort of way.

Teresa said...

One other small anecdote about missed linguistic clues: I had a Hungarian friend in college who wanted to cook a traditional Easter ham for all her friends. The recipe said to insert whole cloves into the fat and roast for several hours. She took whole cloves of garlic, peeled them, scored the fat and inserted. Then she roasted the ham for several hours. We laughed and laughed as we ate it. It tasted very strange with the brown sugar glaze, but we were all poor starving students, so hunger made it palatable, but just barely. Better though than Heroes and spicy sauce or monkey brains...

Please don't forget the dated pictures. Now that we know you have contemplated the deep fryer and spicy sauce for his inky blackness, we don't sleep well at night any more...

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear Cloudia,

More than a mouthful, I know.

Dear Teresa,

I was more reflecting on your structural economy/CSU/CA budget blog... And Teresa, it is joy to see how much you retain in the way of what I have written. Also, a bit startling. You will, indubitably, have no difficulties during your defense. And, hey, monkey brains are illegal. Have to cross the border for that, and even there it is very difficult to come boy. By illegal I mean highly, highly illegal.

Photos may come. Waiting for a quote from the taxidermist...

Dear Murat,

You rank me far too highly. And I wondered who would note the deviant interpretashun of Cleo's line...

I had a strong belief that you would be amongst the few...

Dear Jeeves,

Cheers and thanks.

Dear PJD,

Encore une fois, cheers and thanks. And, actually, it was more like 9 lines a minute because I discarded the first few haikus for each set of prompts. All about the octane, baby, and wearing out those synapses as soon as possible.

Dear Bindu,

Cheers Bindu, that is the challenge of interregnums. Everything is effected and affected. Look forward to more, satisfying visits.

Dear Heidelweiss,

Glad to make you smile. Hadn't realized the challenges were skeletal; always thought the challenge was muscular.

Poor thing.

Glad you had some laughs.

Come out for a visit with the secretary and then we'll really laugh. I can keep him entertained with legal tales, and you with Anglophilia. Lots of great stories in an old colony like Hong Kong...

PS. Isn't the material point the end of the knitting stix?

Dear Teresa,

Someone is avoiding her thesis, non?

But that mistake pour les clous... well, you hit the nail on the head with that linguistic slip.


Hmm. Which makes me think of something. How to ask...

Stay with me, I have something that might interest you.

Tschuess all,