Monday, May 11, 2009

Part X of XII of the interregnum: Venice's underbelly

Graffiti image of Dante Alighieri found in Venice, Italy.Dear Gentle Reader,

Last week of the e-interregnum!

I keep saying that I live in Gotham.

I might even write about that, one day. Maybe I'll write about living in Gotham next Monday, my first Monday with "live" writing in a month. But, not today.

While I have not been writing "live" and offering written fluff, for three weeks (and this is the last week, I promise), I am providing a pictorial view of the underbelly of cities (Well, only one other city until today).

Today, Venice.

The Serenissima is a fantastic city with a rich history of conquest, exploration, and occupation which I have written about before. But, your humble scribe has no time to write until May 18, as an e-interregnum is currently in effect as previously noted here.

So, instead, a head-level look at the popular art. And by popular art, I mean art by the populous.

By the people.

A series of graffiti shots.

Your humble scribe may add commentary after May 18. We'll see. But, till then, each picture counts as 1000 words.


Graffiti image of a targeted angel on the Rialto Bridge, Venice.

Graffiti image of an Italian woman with a gas mask on, found beside a canal in Venice, Italy.

Graffiti image of a cubist skull found in Venice, Italy

Graffiti image of eyes, alone, looking down from a wall in Venice, Italy.

Graffiti poster image for Beppe Grillo, an Italian blogger, found near the Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy.

Graffiti image of plane dropping bombs found in Venice, Italy near the Arsenale.

As per always,
on every post,
on this blog,

putting the mouse over the picture reveals the captions.

And these postings are all automated,

as your humble scribe will not be back until 18 May.


I will be keen

to read




to say.


Teresa said...

I like Kilroy's final resting place, Dante as grafitti and getting bombed in Venice. Even your pictorial posts are witty. Can't wait for your scratchings in the clay to begin again next week.

T and S said...

Chris : So you are back to Graffitti. This series is interesting.

Sepiru Chris said...


Hello Teresa and thank you for your compliments.

Well, I just returned to blogging this morning and it may take me a while to get into the swing of things. I feel a bit rusty and my brain is still tired, not to mention my body. And I am hope that things will improve to meet your expectations. It is gratifying humbling and terrifying to have set them so, apparently, high.

Dear T and Dear S,

Thanks. Actually, this whole series was mapped out before I took off for a month.

I look forward to visiting the two of you one day in Bangalore. Maybe I can bring some beginners luck to coax a second tiger out...

You certainly do some wonderful hikes in the wild.

I am glad that you are both, or that at least one of you, are(is) enjoying the graffiti series. I will likely use the device again when I do longer trips or jobs.