Tuesday, May 5, 2009

(third) respite from the (so-called) interregnum

Image of Pommes displaying his teeth (and tongue) in Hong Kong.Dear Gentle Reader,

See these teeth?

I am getting cranky; enough with the graffiti already.

Most people scrub it off.

He photographs it.

You wouldn't believe what he tries to feed me, either.

Diet food?

Scribe stew is on the menu if this interregnum doesn't end soon. How come nobody asks the Hero what he likes?

Ciao bellas,


What do I like?


...walks on the beach at sunset... 

strawberries and cream 
[hold the strawberries]... 

dancing into the wee hours...
...au naturel... 

and live playtoys. 


Do you want to be my playtoy? 

Call me.


Cloudia said...

Oh Pommes!
How I yearn for you!
Don't let that recent "pirate kitty" caption on HER blog give you the wrong idea....I can be a very mello kitten for the right tom!
Aloha my love!

debra said...

Dylan would love to play with Pommes. Perhaps they could do kitty yoga together.

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear Miss Kitty,

No worries Miss Kitty, mellow or sassy, I think we could make beautiful duets together, and stamp out a mean rag time jag...

As you should know, I am currently in the slam for my catnip habit.

I hope that this does not put you off too much...

And being in here has had me confronting a few things.

You ought to know that I am a Tim, not a Tomm.... there was a snip made...

I hope this doesn't put you too off of talking to me...

I just felt that I had to tell you, so, if you tell me to "walk the plank", I'll understand...

Dear Debra,

Debra, sadly I cannot engage in kitty yoga in the catnip slammer. We only get to use free weights, which is a bit rough for one with as dedicated a sense of aesthetics as me.

I look forward to getting out of, kicking the catnip habit. To do that I have stay under the radar to avoid that crazy one-eyed Tom with the five shivs per foot and I fear that doing yoga in the catnip triple-slam would not keep me under the radar.

When I return, maybe Dylan and I can talk.

Ciao bellas,