Friday, May 1, 2009

Part VI of XII of the interregnum: Genoa's underbelly

Graffiti image of a sticker of a person in gaol from the old town centre of Genoa, Italy.Dear Gentle Reader,

I live in Gotham. 

I might even write about that, one day. But not now.

While I am not offering written fluff, for three weeks, I am providing a pictorial view of the underbelly of cities. Today, Genoa, and concern regarding Italian justice.

Genoa (Genova in Italian) is a fantastic city with a rich history of conquest, exploration, and occupation. But the humble scribe has no time to write until May 18, as an e-interregnum is currently in effect as previously noted here.

So, instead, a head-level look at the popular art. And by popular art, I mean art by the populous. 

By the people.

A series of graffiti shots.

Your humble scribe may add commentary after May 18. We'll see. But, till then, each picture counts as 1000 words.


Graffiti image of a close-up of a sticker of a person in gaol from the old town centre of Genoa, Italy.

Graffiti image of a family fleeing, sprayed on a wall, from the old town centre of Genoa, Italy.

Graffiti image of the police, chasing a family, from the old town centre of Genoa, Italy.

Interesting dichotomy, no? This was found in the context of other socially-motivated graffiti like that shown two days ago.  

And, please remember, that although this technically could be considered an interlineal gloss, I am simply documenting and presenting, not espousing. 

Graffiti image of a spray-painted word, violence, from the old town centre of Genoa, Italy.

Graffiti image of a spray-painted word, live, from the old town centre of Genoa, Italy.

As per always, 
on every post, 
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putting the mouse over the picture reveals the captions.

And these postings are all automated, 

as your humble scribe will not be back until 18 May.


I will be keen

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to say.


Cloudia said...

ciao, bello!

Both Sides of Ben Marlan said...

holy! I love street art. i'm looking over a book (again and again) all about street art and the many different kinds/artists. I prefer stencil art, like the picture w the cops u posted. the book is "Street Art" by Louis Bou - Awesome! The artists are so creative in how they condense such a political and social message in one small image. One stencil simply said "This is Culture" - so true. welcome back by the way

Lauren said...

The stencil art is very interesting. I love how much they are saying with it. Thanks for posting/sharing.

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear Cloudia,

Cheers, Bella!

Dear Ben,

Cheers Ben. I will have to check that book out. I wasn't back yet, though, when this was posted. But I am now.

Dear Lauren,

Vancouver, Canada, had a lot of great stencil art in the late eighties and the early nineties. The Emily Carr College of Art and Design had a couple of students who made some great stencils and used them creatively in interesting spaces. From my perspective, at least. I am sure that many property owners were not so enraptured. Glad you enjoyed the contributions.