Friday, May 15, 2009

Part XII of XII of the interregnum: Hong Kong's underbelly

Graffiti image of a face, obscured by a taxi, found in Hong Kong (SOHO).Dear Gentle Reader,

It is the last week of the e-interregnum!

I live in Gotham. 

Or Hong Kong. 

Batman seemed to be equally at home in both cities in the last movie, so I am not sure where I am. 

But, the e-interregnum is almost over...

I might even write more about that, one day; living in Gotham. But not now.

While I have not been offering written fluff, for the last month, I have provided a pictorial view of the underbelly of cities. 

Today, Hong Kong.

As you well know, Hong Kong is both a fantastic city and it is the current stomping ground of your humble scribe, your Heroine, and your Hero. 

And of Batman.

But the humble scribe has no time to write until May 18, as an e-interregnum is currently in effect as previously noted here.

So, instead, a head-level look at the popular art. And by popular art, I mean art by the populous. 

By the people.

A series of graffiti shots.

Well, a series of shots of one piece of graffiti. 

Graffiti doesn't last very long here, and there is not much of it.

Your humble scribe may add commentary after May 18. We'll see. But, till then, each picture counts as 1000 words.


Graffiti image of a face, obscured by two taxis, found in Hong Kong (SOHO).

Graffiti image of a face, on a wall on a hill, found in Hong Kong (SOHO).

Graffiti image of a face, on its own, on a wall on a hill, found in Hong Kong (SOHO).

As per always, 
on every post, 
on this blog, 

putting the mouse over the picture reveals the captions.

And these postings are all automated, 

as your humble scribe will not be back until 18 May.


I will be keen

to read 




to say.


Raph G. Neckmann said...

Looking forward to your return!

(Did you know that graffiti in very high places is known as 'giraffiti'?)

Cloudia said...

The message of this graffitti?
FACE facts!
Aloha, Scribe & Co.

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear Raph,

I have hereby, today, returned. Although I think I will be swamped in replies to comments and then seeing what I have missed in the universe, and beyond.

Raph, I had not known that the technical term for graffiti in high places, and especially in e-outer spaces, was called giraffiti.

It makes sense though.

Sometimes we just (or I just) overlook the obvious. This is why it is so good to have such intelligent and worldly friends such as yourself to help point out the purloined letters in the cosmos .

It is nice to be back, even if I am drained.

Hello Cloudia,

Very clever. :) Both you and Raph make me smile.