Saturday, May 16, 2009

The interregnum endeth (and Pommes... ? ...)

Image of a tennis racket.
Dear Gentle Readers,

The e-interregnum is almost over, so I logged on to see if anyone came by.

And it appears that my site has been hijacked...

By the Hero.

Listen, don't worry about the Hero. 

Someone mainlined a bit too much catnip a couple of weeks ago and is, obviously, still a bit strung out.

I apologize if Pommes has upset any of the gentler e-souls on the net. He'll be in rehab for a while (and, sadly, therefore unavailable for photographs).

But, what was Pommes so worked up about, this week


Your Hero heard me quoting The Avengers by the American poet Edwin Markham (1852-1940).

And then, apparently, Pommes worked himself into a lather. 

Or his guilt worked itself, and himself, into a lather.

This was what I was reciting when Pommes flipped out...

The Avengers

The laws are the secret avengers,
And they rule above all lands;
They come on wool-soft sandals,
But they strike with iron hands.

See; poetry.

Not that I don't find Pommes' revelations interesting...

As long as Pommes has been abiding with house rules, he has nothing to fear.

Of course, if he hasn't, hmmm, well, nowhere in the poem does it state that Heroes are exempt from the laws..., where did I put my iron hands?...

See you on Monday.



Cloudia said...

Now, Fellows!
I know you can work this all out.

A picture of Pommes with a dated newspaper might be a cute post.

What do ya say, Scribe?

Inquiring kitties want to know!
(Shhh, Miss Kitty!)


Teresa said...

Don't hurt Pommes!! He's too handsome to die or be mangled. I agree with regular posts including pictures of Pommes and dated newspapers.


Richard Wells said...

OK, I've contacted Amnesty International. If you are not soon deluged with e-petitions demanding immediate release, reparations, etc, it's only because there's some fuss in Myanmar that they're attending to; that and something about Dick Cheney releasing pre-face lift photos of Nancy Pelosi

Sepiru Chris said...

Hello Cloudia,

I might have to consider this, Cloudia. And Miss Kitty.

In fact, I will. But Pommes needs to return from catnip rehab...

I have to admit that the e-interregnum postings appear to have received more notice than I thought they would.

I am delighted.

Hello Teresa,


Regular posts of Pommes with dating mechanisms.

This shall be taken under advisement. We shall see.

I am quite bemused, and I have just started reading the comments.

I wonder if I should be starting at the beginning? It is very nice to see you here, Teresa.

Hello Richard,

Well, this is a roll call of who's who. I ought to go away more often!

OK. I am now thinking I really had better get that Hero back from the catnip rehab/tennis racket refurbishment centre and show pictures of him.

The e-petitions have not started arriving yet, but if a man of your stature has approached them, I am sure that they will be arriving soon. AI gets to work quickly.

Off through the bat alley and to the centre I will go...